I am here!

I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 5:45am Monday morning. The flight was decent. I managed to get a few hours of undisturbed sleep and I enjoyed the airplane food. I always enjoy inflight meals.


I’m glad Saejean convinced me to take one luggage. I planned on taking two, but my single suitcase was really heavy, as was my backpack. Thankfully I didn’t have to walk too much.


My first glimpse Hong Kong:



I’ve been working on my Cantonese prior to leaving. I barely speak any Cantonese at all, but it was good I also knew Mandarin because my cab driver couldn’t speak a lick of English. He also past my apartment by one block. I couldn’t tell if that was intentional or not, as I’ve been frequently warned about shady cab drivers.

My morning didn’t fare too well. Hong Kong is pretty warm and humid right now, so wearing three layers while lugging heavy things made me rather uncomfortable. I also had trouble finding my flat and had a very rude encounter with the front desk lady. On top of that, I realized I forgot to pack the USB cord for my cell phone AND I didn’t think to purchase any electrical converters. I’ve been sick for the past few days and my sickness was heightened today so all in all, a very frustrating morning.

I decided to meet up with a friend for lunch at Pacific Place, a giant mall located right next to the Admiralty stop on the MTR. I tried to memorize the google street view of key places because I feared I would get lost without my phone. Turns out it was a surprisingly easy and quick walk to the station, and the MTR in HK is fast! It took me about 15 minutes to get across town.

Pacific Palace makes any mall that I’ve been to in the States look meek: this place was massive and  beautifully designed with luxury stores lining every single corner. I was in the future. It was seriously a maze of high-end goods; I felt like such a pauper.

My friend Ally and I met up for lunch at Great, a supermarket located within the mall. I am very impressed with Hong Kong’s modern architecture and interior design. I have yet to experience something this fancy in the States. Unfortunately my camera was dead during this day trip so I don’t have pictures to prove it, but I will definitely be back. I had an Indian lunch: curry chicken with rice, complete with a mango lassi. We ate at a nearby park. It was a really lovely time, then Ally left and it got super humid and my head was completely congested so that kind of killed the moment.

Hong Kong people move very fast. Since I didn’t have the time on me, I felt like I was wandering around the malls (I ended up at another mall located next to Pacific Place), for hours and hours. The sky was overcast too so I thought it was much later in the day. I was surprised it was only 3pm when I arrived back at my flat. I was able to have lunch with a friend, buy a few provisions, all within three hours. I’m sure it felt longer too because I was walking everywhere, something I’m not used to. Also, aside from the rent being very expensive here, everything else is pretty cheap!

Now, I am ready for a nap. I was hoping my nocturnal habits at home would mean I would instantly be on HK time but sadly, this is not the case.*

*I wrote this blog post last night but was too tired to post it because I still needed to edit it. I ended up sleeping for 16 hours and woke up at 6am! I guess I am no longer nocturnal.


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