Tai O, Lantau Island.

Today, I spent the afternoon with my workmates in Tai O, a little fishing village on Lantau Island. Vince and I met up in Causeway Bay, and then met Martin and his sister at the Central stop. From there, we took the Tung Chung line, which goes up towards Kowloon and curves around towards Lantau, in the direction of Disneyland and the airport. We got off at Tung Chung and took a bus that drove us to Tai O. I think it took us half an hour. This was my first time venturing to another island of Hong Kong.

This was taken when we exited the Tung Chung station. It opened up to another mall! Hong Kong is full of shopping malls. Every MTR station is pretty much located in one, and they’ve all been very fancy.

Tai O, sponsored by Vitasoy and Coca Cola. The tiny “downtown” area was packed with stalls selling live and dried seafood, their specialty being dried squid (by the smell of it). They dry the seafood in the area so parts of our walk smelled really badly. I saw my first cuttlefish IRL!

There was a whole street lined with houses made from metal. Some were shaped like mailboxes. I was about to take a picture of one but a woman was inside it and yelled at me. u_u

We stopped by a Wushu temple along the way and everyone was freaking out about this cat, including meeee.

Jokes about cats + the internet ensued.

That little bush in the center is a mangrove.

Then, a row of colorful houses with spectacular lawns.

Homes on stilts are plentiful here.


This photo goes out to my plant hoarding ladies. <3

An abandoned asylum for retired horse jockeys.*

This place had some really weird, but cool, stuff.

“The sun looks dangerous.”

A little Engrish for the bus-ride home.

We decided to take the ferry back to HK island rather than take the MTR. Normally I don’t get motion-sickness, but my stomach’s been out of sorts these days so I did feel queasy on the ferry. Which was lame. I had to close my eyes.

Vince and I have already planned a trip to Lantau next week since I didn’t go with them on their hiking trip yesterday.

*Just kidding.


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