Little treats.

I went out for dim sum with some coworkers today. This was the first time I tried dim sum in Hong Kong and, well, it’s better here. (Duh.)

I thought the cheong fun was adorable. In L.A., they don’t cut them for you like this. The har gow was succulent and fresh. I have no idea what kind of vegetable dish that was on the green plate, but it was good too. Everything here was good! I especially enjoyed the lo mai fan, a dish I seldom eat, let alone at dim sum.

Dessert! I can’t remember what this is called but it’s a Thai dessert.

And my favorite: mango pudding!

The presentation here was a lot fancier. (I think the keyword so far in Hong Kong has been “fancy.”) Gone were the tin steamers, the dim sum carts, and the dim sum ladies! Here, the carts are considered too dangerous and a mess, dirtying up the restaurant and serving as a hazard for rambunctious children. It’s a lot classier, simpler, and faster for you to pick out your order using their menu cards. However, some smaller and local restaurants still use dim sum carts.

After work, I stopped by Page One again to treat myself.

The authors of the book both studied in Hong Kong universities, so I considered this an introduction to the design culture in Hong Kong, which appears to be booming.

There was a red and green version of the book. I walked around the store carrying the green one for at least 10 minutes before caving in for the red one. The green one is rarer with only 200 in print (400 for red), but I can’t help it, I love red. Apparently, I can never have enough red books with gold foil-stamping.

Check out more of Lio Yeung’s work here. I believe this book was produced after an exhibit he worked on, which looked stunning! I am very pleased to have found such inspiration across the sea. Hong Kong continues to impress me, and it’s humbling to see what’s happening in the world of art and design in other parts of the globe. I’m glad to have stepped out of my American/Los Angeles bubble.

Last little treat: Pantone Universe contact lens case in 211 U. I found mold on my contact case the other day (gross gross I know), so this was completely necessary.


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