Good hair/food day.

My hair looked quite good today for the first time since I’ve been here. I plan on getting it “permanently” straightened soon. Less work for me in the mornings and my hair will look good all da tyme. Humidity sucks.

Today also marked the first time I had a normal appetite! I ate four (small) meals today! Hurrah! I’ve been worried because I had been averaging one meal a day with stomachaches in between. Thanks to a friend, I realized I wasn’t drinking enough water. Water helps so much!

I had Starbucks for breakfast. Unfortunately, the thought of egg tarts and any type of sweet HK bun makes my stomach churn so I’ve only been craving non-HK food as of now. :( The Starbucks here is priced about the same as it is in the U.S. I ordered a tall chai latte and a chicken and mushroom pie which cost me $6 USD total. Did you read the part about the chicken and mushroom pie? Yeah, Starbucks sells savory pies here. This is amazing to me. I love savory pies! (Unless they started selling that back in the States promptly after I left. Which I doubt because I don’t think we’re that cool yet. Get with the times, America.)

A couple of coworkers invited me to lunch today. It was nice to converse with people about non-work related things, though we did talk about work quite a bit too. I’m slowly meeting people around the office. I find it interesting that my main social circle has become my work environment. It’s obviously not impossible to make friends on your own in a new country, but I find it a lot easier to hang out and befriend the people you see everyday and also happen to enjoy hanging out with. People have suggested I use websites like, which I will definitely give a go after I’ve settle in.

We ate at a Japanese restaurant. I got this pork bowl and it was yummmy.

For dinner, more Japanese food! My friend and I went to a different place so I got a beef bowl instead. I am currently eating the leftovers right now. :d

Will I ever get sick of salmon sashimi? (Answer: Yes, if I eat 2 heaping plates of it all at once. Otherwise, no.)

Before dinner, I walked around Ikea to pre-shop. I found it hilarious that the locals actually go out to Ikea to hang out—and I don’t mean the standing against the wall, loitering kind. I’m talking about couples canoodling on the sofas, old ladies sitting at dining tables gossiping, and teenagers huddling around a kids table chatting and doing homework—all in the showrooms! It was cute, and I suppose if living space is an issue here, I would hang around pretend-homes too.


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