Another lunch with coworkers, this time with the entire publication team (and then some). We went to a place on the 12th floor called S/M/L. The concept of the restaurant is in the name: your dish comes in either small, medium, or large. I didn’t order anything since we all decided to share, and it was more than enough.

The dishes were plated very nicely but I couldn’t get any of those shots because plates were being passed around really quickly, and I didn’t want to be the only loser too busy taking pictures to miss out on the food. Here we have rocket salad, fatty beef, and seared tuna.


Baked macaroni and pad thai. They don’t do cheese dishes very well here. The macaroni wasn’t cheesy or baked at all. It was quite runny and seemed to be bathed in a cream soup. The texture was ok, but it could have used a pinch (or 10) of salt. I wasn’t able to fully taste the pad thai because shortly after this photo was taken, I piled on some spaghetti carbonara. The mixture was good though.

Tomato risotto with ox-tail, grilled shrimp, and the leftover of my pasta/pad thai/macaroni mashup. My friends make better risotto.

Ribbbs. I normally don’t eat ribs but I’m glad I ate this!

Dessert! Creme brulee. Loved it.

Chocolate mousse. I was too stuffed to try this but I heard it was great.

Forgot what this was called.

After work, I decided to check out a store called Homeless, specializing in home goods. I stupidly forgot to look up directions so I only knew where it was vaguely located and never came upon it. I decided to explore Sogo—another mall—instead. It’s not as fancy as Times Square or the bigger malls I’ve experienced here. Sogo is packed with everything, mostly designer and expensive items. Each floor serves a different category. The shops in Sogo are out of my reach and the overall look of Sogo doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a lot plainer and more straight-forward. I’m only attracted to shiny things.

I could have taken the MTR back from any of the MTR openings around Sogo, but I ended up walking back to Times Square so I could use the restroom since I knew exactly where it was, and stop by Starbucks for a meat pie. That’s all I really wanted.


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