Night life.

Last night marked the first time I experienced HK’s night life. Up first, dinner at Mickey D’s:

In my defense, the burgers taste better here. And for some reason, they don’t eat their fries with ketchup. I had to ask for ketchup twice because they gave me Thai hot sauce the first time.

Then it was off to Lan Kwai Fong for some pub crawling. Our first stop was Insomnia. According to my local friend, Ally, it’s the most popular bar for live music. We got there around 9:30 where there was still space for standing. Half an hour later, the room was entirely packed. The bands here are cover bands and they’re very good. The first band (pictured above) did a few of Blondie covers, and when they played “Summer of ’69,” people lost their shit. I didn’t like the second band as much because of their cover choices, but the seemingly older crowd enjoyed them quite a bit. Regardless, all the singers had amazing voices.

We were able to get some seats on a little balcony inside, overlooking the bar and dance floor. The pub turned into a makeshift club when the bands were transitioning in and out. They played better music than typical clubs—some really impressive remixes of pop hits—so I wasn’t surprised by the enthusiasm of the crowd. The best part of being here was the people watching. For example, this devilish couple,

but my favorite was a woman on the dance floor. She was busting some crazy salsa moves, and at first, it looked like she was trying to draw attention for a potential dance partner. Sure enough, a man noticed and tried to dance with her, but she rejected him and kept on dancing. The dude just stood behind her, staring for about 5 minutes before making his next move, which she rejected again, and again! Homegirl just wanted to dance! And dance she did. It was awesome. We also saw her reject another guy shortly after that, and then she disappeared into a sea of swaying bodies.

The streets were swarming with people when we exited Insomnia. This was considered a “light” night too, due to the misty weather. Clubbing can get quite expensive so people take matters into their own hands and dance in the streets. Factoid: 711 is also known as “Club 711” on nights like these because the beer is cheaper and you can drink in public so, done and done!

Martin took us to a place called Sense 99, a hidden bar known for its live, open mic music. There are no signs indicating the bar’s location so you just have to be cool enough to know where it is, and you get buzzed in. I just learned about open mic nights whilst looking for things to do on Friday. It means the venue offers instruments and a microphone, and patrons can just come in and play! Apparently some places require that you be somewhat knowledgeable about music, but sometimes when they say that anyone can play, they mean anyone. According to Martin, the not-so-musically-talented are usually playing the open mics from 8-10pm, and the more seasoned musicians stroll in—some with their own instruments—later in the night.

The band was upstairs. The dark shadows in the photo suggest that this place was huge and empty, but it was the exact opposite. Vince told me to go up and play but these guys definitely knew what they were doing. Really cool looking people were sitting and smoking on the couches, speaking Russian, or what I assumed Russian would sound like. I felt like I entered another country in another country. So meta.

The bar felt like it was in someone’s living room, and it probably was. I’m sure the entire complex used to be apartment buildings, but given the amount of activity and noise in this area every night, they’ve probably all been converted into businesses, warehouses or may even be empty.

Chasing time. It lost. Its come.

Your lightness flies you to the sky. But, a shadow falls down dead.

And another drop of blue in the city in Casber.

View from the world’s tiniest balcony.

We decided to head back to Martin’s to hang out on his terrace. I asked him where the cool part of Sheung Wan was, so he took us there.

We stopped by Club 711 for post-drinking snacks. I bought microwavable spaghetti carbonara to save for breakfast, which I still haven’t eaten yet because I’ve just been blogging. (So dedicated.)

Fairy lights on the terrace.

View from Martin and Ruth’s pink apartment building. Can you spot the purple flat? (Hint: it’s the pink-ish, purple-y one.) One thing I love about Hong Kong are the range of the window colors emitted by the light at night. Pretty pretty.

Conversations included a debate on Lady Gagá’s rise to fame. *cue Danish country music*

I stayed out til 3:30am! I was bushed when I got home, and peeved that my taxi driver misheard my directions and basically drove me in a giant loop back to my place. Still peeved about that. And I woke up at 1pm today. Kinda like the good old days except I can’t do that every day anymore, and I wouldn’t want to anyway. (Waking up past noon, I mean.)


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