Today’s the big day!

I move into my new apartment in T-8 hours or so. I’ve been window shopping (online and in person) like crazy! But I haven’t bought anything because that would just mean more things to move. I have the day off today to settle in. Can’t wait!

I spent the evening traipsing around beautiful, sophisticated Muji. Since this is my ~first real grownup apartment~ I wanna go all out and spend a little more time and a teensy bit more money on some nicer things. For instance: bed sheets. My friend has successfully convinced me to buy quality linen. I dedicated a few minutes of my life tonight looking up the difference between Xinjiang cotton vs. Egyptian cotton (cause online it said Muji carried the latter and I only saw the former when I went into the store so I was concerned), only to discover that they come from the same plant! Whew!

But I did wander into Hong Kong’s answer to Big Lots: and it’s way better than Big Lots, of course. It is a store that happily marries kawaii + Chinese grandmamá. There is a fine line between the two (ok, a not-so-fine line), but JUSCO Living did it, you guys! There’s a strawberry mug with my name on it, and I’ll probably by my dishwashing sponge from there ’cause it’s shaped like a hedgehog.

In other news, I won’t have internet access for about two weeks. So… see you in two weeks—if not sooner—dearly, beloved reader!


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