The Joys of Living Alone.

I write my title with an ounce of sarcasm but I have experienced immense joys all the same. Also, I will be referencing the movie, “Into the Wild,” so if you have not seen or read the book, it’s best not to read this post. Let me make that clearer:



But if you have seen it/don’t care to see it, then please read on ahead. Actually, I will highlight that part for your convenience because I do want you to read my post.


It’s been about a week now since I’ve moved into my new apartment. I just got wifi internet installed and it’s made all the difference! The internet is really fast. I can stream tv shows now! I couldn’t do that very well at the flat in Tin Hau, so I’m pretty pleased to be here.

I am very happy to be living on my own. The first week was bliss! I didn’t have much besides bedsheets and the contents of my suitcase, but I slowly filled it up with necessities and a few decorations. I can’t wait to post pictures, but that will have to wait for now because 1) my apartment is not as aesthetically pleasing as I’d like it to be, and b) I’m really tired! I’m only writing this post because I miss my blog and I’m waiting for my shower water to heat up. (You have to turn on a switch to activate hot water. I only have hot water for showering, but the taps are all cold. It’s aiight.)

However, I’m currently experiencing the other end of living alone. For the first time last night, I felt a bit lonely, as in, I realized I was alone and I didn’t like it all that much. It wasn’t a sinking feeling either, it was just a thought, so I was impressed by my ability to not feel lonely at all since I’ve been here. Well, until now. And it’s probably due to the mounting frustrations I’ve been encountering with living alone for the first time in my life. For instance, I’ve been making somewhat poor judgements on what amenities to buy first. This wouldn’t have been a problem back in the States where I would just buy whatever I needed, load up my car and drive home… Nah, things don’t work that way here. I mean, I could hop in a taxi since they’re relatively cheap, but it’s cheaper to take the MTR. Because of that, I can only take what I can carry, and sometimes, I forget about this and buy a bit too much—I’m still able to carry it, but it makes my commute home a lot more difficult and exhausting.

The night before, I thought it was more important to buy a cute strawberry mug than a frying pan, since the apartment came with a ceramic hot plate and a cheap-ass pan. I had been heating up frozen food at home on my hot plate to simulate cooking for myself since I have yet to buy cutlery and most cookware, but, since my pan was so terrible, I noticed it was already starting to burn. But, I figured, what’s the harm in waiting a week to buy more quality stuff. So I decided to continue my cooking charade when lo and behold, I burnt the pan to the point where I created charcoal. It was both fascinating (did I just make charcoal out of.. nothing?) and frustrating. Like that scene from Into the Wild where he shoots the moose and tries to save the meat but instead of slicing it thinly and drying it out like jerky (thanks, Wikipedia), he tries to smoke it, causing maggots to form within hours. He curses the sky fiercely for his mistake, his life goes downhill from there, and that is how I felt because I had no other way of heating up my food and my plans were ruined and it was such a dumb thing to do. So, I had Yoshinoya for dinner which was great, but I felt like such a n00b. u_u

On top of that, I discovered today that I am quite broke, and no, it’s not from all the incessant spending on cute home ware! That mug probably cost me 50¢ at best. So yeah, I’ll be home allll weekend starting tomorrow, not shopping for supplies, updating my blog and playing a copious amount of Sims because I deserve it, ok.


2 responses to “The Joys of Living Alone.

  1. It took a few times of lugging a ton of shit around and taking the wrong train back to realize I need to plan ahead for what I need. I still make the same mistakes just not as much.

    • Yeah, I’m learning so much about myself in terms of how little I know about basic things! And I know it’s not due to stupidity (maybe a little lack of common sense though, heh), but mostly due to inexperience. I’m glad I can look back and laugh about it (sometimes), but it’s still frustrating when it happens again! It’s interesting though to see how long it takes for me to learn. I feel like a toddler, lol.

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