Catching up.

Doing a quick catch-up before things start to pile up:

February 27, 2012

Back when I was obsessed. Beef and curry pie from Starbucks.

Ramen and pork belly rice from that Japanese restaurant by work who’s name I have yet to learn.

My first bowl of wonton noodles. SO AMAZING. It’s right by my place too. I haven’t gone back because I’m still too shy to use my Cantonese. I suppose I could point. There’s a picture of it on the wall.

February 28, 2012

View from the office.

New obsession: “mushroom and cheese pockets.” Another Starbucks’ gem.

Oh hai just teleported to Arcadia, nbd.

Lunch at CPK. The lunch sets are really cheap here. (And by “here” I mean most restaurants in general.) I got the tortilla soup, kung pao spaghetti, and an iced lemon tea for $8 USD.

Yoshinoya. Let me tell you something about Yoshinoya. They have shabu shabu here. And of course, beef curry with udon. Just how I like it. Exactly how I used to make it when I was living in Pasadena. (Minus the beef cause I usually had it with chicken). For $4 USD. Four dolla make me holla honey boo boo. Just kidding. It doesn’t.

February 29, 2012

Thai food from CitySuper!’s food court in my work building. CitySuper! is a mega grocery store. There are sections for home goods, gadgets, flowers, a food court and an upscale market that’s slightly more expensive but still affordable.

Snack during work: an “American” blueberry scone. Now that I’m living the bare bones life, I’ve put Starbucks on pause. Sad face.


That’s it for now. I still have all of March to go through and I’m feeling quite lazy at the moment. So here’s what I did last night:

Party on the terrace! Martin and Ruth hosted another gathering, this time with a barbecue and lots of British cheddar! Two of their friends had just returned from a 9-day trip in Vietnam. They attended a cooking class during their excursion and prepared some seasoned shrimp for us. Ruth made a delicious salad, and there were burgers (sans buns, we ate them with toast!) and chips. I wish I didn’t eat beforehand so I could have made room for more food, but I ate everything just the same.

I shared a cab home and successfully arrived at my flat without any problems. Hurray! I’m getting settled. Pro tip: If you don’t live in a place with a landmark (e.g. Times Square building), it’s best to memorize your address/main street in Cantonese. That night, my cab driver didn’t speak a lick of Mandarin so I clumsily translated it into Cantonese. I also had to bust out some numbers, too. Always remember the street name and number to make things a bit easier, otherwise, it will most likely be a frustrating experience.


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    • IKR?! Chains in Asia are wayyy better! Had a discussion about Yoshinoya today with my friend who’s native to HK, and she (along with other locals) agree that Yoshinoya is pretty bomb for fast food!

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