Move in day.

I never told you about the day I moved into my new flat.

March 01, 2012

I was allowed a day off work to move in. My agent and I had arranged to meet the landlord in the morning, so I headed to the agency at 11:00am. Turns out the landlord wanted to meet all the tenants at 5pm so he could round everyone up at once. I was annoyed because that meant I had to do everything backwards: run errands first and then move in, meaning, more shit to carry. There was no other way around it.

First thing on the list: bed sheets. I had wanted to go to Muji to buy some of their nice, cotton bedding, but my agent convinced me that Muji’s more about the brand name than the quality so we went to a local mini-mall. (Don’t worry, I still love Muji. I’ve been back several times. I bought my broom there.) It was just like Sogo except smaller and with less brand names. You could haggle for prices too. I was really set on all white bedding (I decided that I’ve officially entered adulthood and wanted to celebrate with minimal colors and cleanliness), but white bedding also happens to be the priciest. Luckily for me, my agent did all the haggling for me. At one point, the saleswoman asked if I was ok with a certain price. I hesitated, not because the price was too high, but because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go with a cream duvet cover with a white flat sheet and pillow cases. She mistook my dithering for a lower price, so she lowered it by 25%! I ended up getting a duvet cover, pillow cases, flat sheet, kapok pillow, and Hong Kong’s famous “4-seasons” blanket for around $115 USD. (That’s a good deal, right? 560 thread count, 100% cotton bed linen! She gave me the employee discount too.)

I then stopped by Ikea for the essentials: a small, metal bowl to eat food in, some clothes hangers, a candle dish, and a candle. Days later, I will ask myself why I decided to buy a small, metal bowl to eat food in. Why not a bigger bowl made from something that doesn’t burn one’s hands?

After a quick nap, I arrived at my new home. I marveled at my shiny apartment and happily signed the contract. Now I have the rest of the evening to slowly move in!

Right as I entered the MTR station, I noticed a text from my co-worker informing me that the new guests had already arrived at the temporary apartment and were shocked to see that all of my things were still there. How awkward and terrible! (In my defense, I wasn’t notified of this. I was, however, supposed to move out by the 28th. But everyone had told me it was ok to move in on March 1st so… I’m glad it all worked out?)

Luckily, the visitors were not in the room when I arrived, but they did use my mug and my laptop. u_u I wasn’t even close to being packed yet; my belongings were still scattered all over the room. The original plan was to slowly gather things into my backpack and make several trips back and forth because I wasn’t about to stuff everything back into my luggage and torture myself by hauling a burdensome load. I ended up sticking with the original plan but I tried to move as quickly as I could. It still took me all of four fucking hours, (one hour per trip, even though it was only one stop away on the MTR), and I felt pressured to make it back before the guests did. Thankfully, they were nowhere to be found.

On my last trip, I decided to snap a few pictures of the space I was living in. I didn’t want to at first, seeing it was someone else’s apartment, but nobody could believe that the entire place was only 9 ft. x 9 ft.! So here’s the proof, y’all.

This is what you see when you walk in. See the door? See the bed? See the end of the room which is the length of the bed? The little sill next to the bed (on the left) was my “desk.” The bathroom is to the immediate left of the door. I had taken pictures but they looked kind of dingy so I don’t feel like posting them. The bathroom was about half the size of the room, so 3.5 ft wide by 2 ft.

I took this to show that there wasn’t a hidden, spacious, other room next to the closet. This was everything. I couldn’t even fit all of my clothes in the closet and had nowhere to put my luggage except on the floor, which took up over half of the floor space. It was quite claustrophobic but I was ok with it at the time, knowing that I would be moving out soon.


Now, pictures from my new flat!

Candle in action, with the addition of more animal figurines!

That’s all for now. To my mom who doesn’t read my blog, I’ll have you know that I clean frequently! I’ve recently taken up the habit of sweeping the floors once a day because I shed too much.


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