Oh hai.

It looks like it’s going to be harder to catch up on my blog. I did a lot of eventful things last week. I might blog about them if I have the time this weekend, but if not, I will refer you to my Flickr at some point. Not now because if I can afford to keep it a bit of a secret, I will. I update my Flickr photos at a slower pace, but you’ll get all the photos eventually, and all the details! Though I’m less detailed in my captions. Anyway, I have a headache.

Here’s the most recent thing I did: I finally put together this goddamn stool!

It only took me three days. Why? Because on day one, I misjudged this stool’s simplicity and thought I could screw in all the pieces using only my bare hands! Seriously! Of course, I quickly realized what a dumb idea that was, but also being lazy and nonchalant, I decided I would pick up some tools after work. I bought a set of small screwdrivers but forgot to buy a wrench. The next day, I returned to the store and bought a set of allen wrenches but it was the wrong type of nut. SO I went to another store today to find a proper wrench, only to discover the wrenches aren’t very popular here and settled on a pair of pliers. The pliers worked. Yay. Rejoice.

I also bought a few wall hooks so I can finally organize and display my jewelry:

Now I just need a place to display my rings and pins.


Had CPK for lunch today. It was good.

For dinner, my workmates and I headed to the Toast Box, located in the basement of the Times Square Building. My camera died before I could take any pictures, so we might go back tomorrow because I really need to photograph a mountain of butter.


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