Good Friday.

Actually, more like Great Friday. First, it started out with this going-away/welcome feast:

Then, we had a farewell party for Eric:

After this picture was taken, my camera promptly died. And of course, that’s when the fun began! So, you’ll have to trust my word when I say that Friday night was the most epic night I’ve had here so far. One word: karaoke. Wait, that and a couple more words: all-you-can-drink karaoke for $250HKD per person. (Well, $250 for ladies and $280 for guys.)

I believe we went to a place called Colours in Tsim Sha Tsui. I don’t know how long we were there for. They didn’t have the greatest English song selection, but when you’re drunk, who cares! I even impressed myself by singing an entire song in Mandarin, and I could read all the words! I haven’t been able to do that since… ever! Jk, I went to Chinese school for 10 years but forgot everything besides “noodles,” “rice,” and apparently, all the words from “Tong Hua.”*

Karaoke ended when one member of our party KOed. I thought the night would be over then, but nope, we powered onward to Lan Kwai Fong. This weekend was the weekend of the Rugby 7s, a giant event about a sport I know nothing about. Foreigners from all over come to Hong Kong to watch the game and celebrate the post-game shenanigans. LKF is expat central, so it was extra crowded that night with rowdy drunks in crazy costumes. We hung out at a nondescript bar for a bit before the group slowly dispersed. After that, Eric and I got Mexican food at Mr. Taco Truck. Prior to my arrival in HK, it had been unanimously agreed that Mexican food would be sorely missed. However, my fish taco was legit and so was Eric’s burrito. Vince also mentioned a Mexican bar in Chai Wan that serves authentic Mexican food. Since he’s also an L.A. native, I trust his judgment. Hong Kong, when it comes to food, you have yet to disappoint me, but when it comes to Target, you make me creys.


I spent Saturday nursing a mild hangover and today just being super lazy. I feel like I’ve been going out every weekend, and Friday more than made up for this one so I love having weekends where I do absolutely nothing. And now, I leave you with the ~touching Mandarin pop ballad~ I sang during karaoke.



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