Caught that on my wall this morning.


We ate at a pirate-themed restaurant today during lunch.

Plastic pirate women and umbrellas hung from the ceilings. You could purchase the latter and apparently they change color when it rains.

I did my laundry at home for the first time yesterday. I love the way my detergent smells. It smells like candy, but not the sickeningly sweet kind. The laundry service here is a steal though. For about $5 USD, they will wash your clothes and fold them for you. Of course, it depends on how much clothing you have, but if you’re living alone, it would probably average to about $5.

I really don’t mind doing laundry—there’s something soothing about it. But I will definitely use the service for my bedsheets because I sure as hell ain’t drying those in my room or outside of my window!

This was my attempt at hanging my clothing outside:

My neighbor hangs her clothes on the air conditioner. I’m too chickenshit to hang any of my clothes outside, so I hung my clothes in the bathroom and clipped my laundry thing onto the window hinge. The air’s been pretty dry lately so my clothes dried up quickly. I know it’ll be difficult to dry them once the humidity hits so I’m currently looking for a second-hand dehumidifier.


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