March Highlights.

Good news everyone: my Flickr is working properly again! I’m still posting up pictures from early March, but there’s a lot that I didn’t get to show on the blog (too much), and now that I’m super behind, it’ll be way easier to catch up with me through Flickr. Yay!

So… where to I even begin? Surely not from the beginning, because that’s too tedious. I thought it’d be simple enough to manage a blog, but I get very picky about my photos and have to run them through Photoshop first, which could take hours. All I want to do after work now is surf the internet and sleep, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Just let me life my life, geez! #YOLO amirite? (I just learned about this new internet schlang recently so I had to use it I’m sorry.)

Now that I have Flickr to fall back on, I’m just gonna go through the highlights of March.

Highlight #1:

Seeing Ally on March 13th! I rarely get to see this chica-chic-a so it was nice to finally get to hang out with her. She took me to a Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui that specializes in handmade udon noodles. This place gives Daikokuya—my old stomping ground back in L.A.—a run for its money. The broth was just as back-fatty and delicious, plus they use udon noodles, which I’ve decided is my favorite kind of noodle.

While waiting for Ally, I wandered around this mall and came across a Taschen pop-up store:

Cool! Moving on.

Highlight #2:

Seafood dinner with my workmates on March 16th in Jordan, aka the infamous Temple St.!

Washing out the bowls and utensils with hot tea. I recently learned that it’s not to disinfect the bowls (since it’s believed that busy restaurants do a hasty job at washing the dishes), but to rinse out the leftover detergent. *shrug* idk

Trufax: I’ve gotten a lot bolder with seafood here. I learned that I love razor clams (if they’re deeply stir-fried in garlic, of course), and even ate some normal clams the other night. AND oysters. But not the raw kind. I don’t think I’ll ever acquire a taste for that.

We didn’t get to browse around Temple St. that night, but I got to do that a few nights ago with some friends from college. No pictures to prove it, though, which means I’ll have to go again.

Highlight #3:

Finding THIS DISH on March 19th.

This is a popular Hong Kong dish that I ate all the time back in L.A. I assumed it would be plentiful here, but either I’m eating in all the wrong places or it’s not as common in Hong Kong. I was about to give up my search (the day before I ordered what I thought was this but it wasn’t, not even close, and I was very, very sad), until I came to this place.. which I have forgotten the name and location of. Excellent.

Highlight #4:

Aw look—it’s my kitchen, being all cute and stuff. n_n This is what it looked like on March 28th.

A gift from one of my bffs. Joh gave me this maybe a year ago. One of the things I had saved to use in my first apartment. :)

I love that pink sponge. Hot pink on regular pink, you da best.

Highlight #5:

Having dim sum the day after I got food poisoning, March 30th.

I got poisoned from good ol’ Starbucks. Damn you, tall chai latte! What was once my best friend is now my worst enemy. >:[

Highlight #6:

OCEAN PARK. (on March 31st).







enough caps.

Ocean Park is awesome because it’s like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Six Flags combined! Well, their rollercoasters aren’t as crazy as Six Flags, but for a theme park that has a panda exhibit, gold fish exhibit, legit aquarium, roller coasters, bird exhibit (which we didn’t get to see this time), and other amusement park staples (like those booths where you play a game and you win a prize), that’s pretty amazing. Oh yeah, and it’s only $280HKD to get in. That’s $36USD, everyone. That’s the price of 6 corn dogs from Disneyland! They even have a water show similar to Disneyland’s “World of Colors,” except it’s about symbiosis or something.

The park is divided—the lower level is where the aquarium, pandas, etc. are located. The rollercoasters and dolphin/sea lion shows are up the mountain. We took these little pods up. The view was gorgeous and it was practically a ride in itself.

I didn’t get to take pictures of any of the rides or the aquarium, but I plan to go back several times. However, I did think it was worth it to take a picture of my square-ish ice cream cone:

And that’s all for March! I did a bunch of other stuff but this post already took up 2 hours of my night. I could be playing Sims, which I haven’t played in like, over a month. So bye.

Oh wait, a parting gif 4 u. CLICK ON IT.


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