Um, hi.

It’s been awhile. I thought I had abandoned this blog due to apathy but, welp, I’m back! (For now.) 2013 has been off to an interesting start, and as of now, I need an audience.

I developed a roll of film earlier this week that’s worth sharing. I’ll post the relevant Hong Kong pictures. To view the few Vegas pictures, please check my flickr. This ain’t a Vegas blog. *sassy gif*

These were all taken on Lamma Island.


Life update: My year-long lease on my tiny-ass apartment is coming to an end. I don’t even call it my apartment anymore—it’s my room. But don’t let my irritated undertones fool you: I’m starting to enjoy it again. I’ve redecorated and cleaned. I put a little bat sticker on my door because it’s like my little cave of wonder. Suddenly I no longer wish to move to a bigger place, which is what I’ve been wanting for the past 6-8 months.

I was leaning towards staying until I read a post my friend sent me. She mentioned how she does yoga several times a day in her apartment. I don’t do yoga, but it would be nice to have the ability to practice yoga in my room—but I can’t. I mean, I could, but I would imagine that it’d feel more claustrophobic than freeing given the limited floorspace I have.

I doubt I would ever practice yoga if I moved to a bigger apartment, but the ability to practice comfortably if I desired is the important, life-changing thing here. Ultimately, my laziness will be the real deciding factor. This whole yoga spiel is just a consideration.

I’ve been sad these days so I’m falling back on good ol’ retail therapy (within reason) as a cure. I bought a guitar stand today.


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