Beauty, marriage, and khaleesi.

Taken in the Seoul metro. These ads are everywhere.

Taken in the Seoul metro. These ads are everywhere.

While American media is still struggling to send out positive messages toward women (Dove’s latest attempt seems to have backfired—this post explains why), Asian culture places a heavier burden on beauty. So far, South Korea is the harshest on both men and women—it’s normal for children to dream about their future plastic surgery endeavors—but in general, Asians (in Taiwan and Hong Kong, at least) will openly comment about a person’s weight and appearance, and it seems both men and women are obsessed with beauty… and marriage.

I’m sure the latter could have something to do with age (we’re not getting any younger, after all), but my scandinavian friends could care less about that. Plus, that was all my relatives could talk about during my last trip to Taiwan: my weight, my appearance, and the fact that I’m still unmarried, childless, and dangerously close to spinsterhood at the age of 25.

But compared to S. Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong is definitely more forward thinking: women don’t get sexually harassed on the street which makes a huge difference in terms of personal safety. I’ve seen a lot of ads encouraging women to report sexual harassment and, my favorite ad of all, one that explains how divorce only means the end to a marriage but not an end to family. As a product of divorced parents, it warmed my cold, black heart. Also, it is not uncommon to see women in higher positions in the workplace.

Speaking of women in high positions, I love how Game of Thrones is all about strong female characters! Daenerys is my khaleesi forever and fivever, the true definition of a queen b.i.t.c.h.: being in total control of herself. This last episode was FIERCE. Let us reminisce:




And while everyone complains about Sansa being a whiny 13-year-old brat, first of all, she was only eleven in the book. How would your bratty, 11-year-old self handle witnessing your father’s beheading, your family being torn apart, and you being abandoned in a lion’s den AND STILL be expected to keep it all together? HUH? I think she did a very good job at keeping herself alive.


And let us not forget about Miss Margaery.



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