Oh Yes, They Did.

I finally watched the last episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 5. SPOILERS AHEAD

I already knew that Jinkx had won because I follow her on both twitter and facebook. I had been rooting for her throughout the entire season but switched to Alaska during the last few episodes. (Alaska’s executive realness was amazing. AMAZING.) Jinkx is fab though; I actually developed a little crush on her during the season! She’s the only queen that held herself with grace throughout the entire season. Well, Ivy Winters did too but people were throwing mad shade at Jinkx and she really kept it together and defended herself when she needed to. No disrespect to Roxxxy though. She can be hella bitchy but she always manages to keep it real in the end. That takes guts.

But onto the main reason why I created this post… THE OUTFITS.

best looks of the evening


Omg! This is perfection! I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked on stage. Amidst a gaggle of bright colors, her monochromatic look really stood out.


Ugh, I can’t get over how brilliant this is.

2. Raja

Ok, clearly I have a thing for facepaint. Raja has always been super gorgeous and fierce so I wasn’t surprised that she’d come up with a look like this. Let us bask in her glory.


3. Manila

I really like this cartoon theme she has going on all the time. Though I mostly dug this outfit because it reminded me of a spongebob pj set I once owned.

4. Sharon Needles

Sharon in Peewee Herman drag. I dig it.

5. Willam

She’s wearing her face on her shirt and is dressed to match her face on her shirt. So which came first: the look or the shirt?

The answer is magic. Magic always comes first.

Like Jade Jolie. Except I put her last on my list. Her dress was meh but I love how she’s always giving us Lisa Frank realness.

For more on Jinkx Monsoon, check out Drag Becomes Him. It documents Jerrick’s transformation into Jinkx. (You can definitely see the RPDR influence after episode 2.) I haven’t watched the latest episode yet (there are four total) but I’m sure it’ll be just as delightful as the last three.

Looking forward to Season 6!

All images from gettyimages.com but I copped them from Oh No They Didn’t!

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