Rocky II: You wanna have a good time? Then buy a good watch!

I made a list of must-see boxing movies to inspire my new lifestyle as an amateur boxer muay thai fighter. I’ve never been interested in sports films because I found them extremely unrelatable but now things have changed—I’ve changed.

The number one recommended movie—nay, saga—is of course, the Rocky series. I watched Rocky I for the first time last week and found myself watching it again the following day.

I just finished Rocky II and was not disappointed. I got teary-eyed a few times. But what really stood out to me about the second movie in comparison to the first were the clothes. Now that Rocky got a taste of that dough he could afford to buy himself some fancier duds. My absolute favorite is his tiger jacket.

The jacket really matches the car and ties the entire look together.


I’m not a big fan of cars but omg, this black Trans Am with the gold trim is perfect. I was super sad when Rocky decided to sell the car to Paulie but was relieved when Paulie told Rocky that he and Adrian can borrow the car whenever they wanted to.

I noticed a lot of cool tshirts in this movie too, worn by both Apollo and Rocky.


The “Win ‘Rocky’ Win” shirt was actually a present from Adrian in Rocky I but the scene was cut. (source) I don’t remember seeing the shirt in Rocky I but I definitely noticed it here.

He stepped up his fightwear as well.

It sure is, Rocky. Sure is.

I’m stepping up my fightwear game too and am looking for the perfect pair of black satin shorts with a giant tiger plastered on the back. These, specifically:

This is kinda like the shorts version of Rocky’s jacket!! Poifect.


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