Turtle Giant @ BeatingHeart

It’s very rare that I get to see a favorite band of mine perform. Several reasons:

  1. The band has already disbanded/the singer-songwriter is dead.
  2. Concerts are too expensive.
  3. Bands are located elsewhere; impossible to get to.

I’m usually the tagalong when it comes to shows and while I enjoy them, I’m never dying to see a particular band.*

Until tonight.


I discovered Turtle Giant on hypem about one year ago. I fell in love with their single, “We Were Kids,” and decided to do a bit of googling. To my surprise, they were located in Macau. They even played at a coffee shop in Yau Ma Tei that I had just visited. But alas, the band had already embarked on a world tour. It was a bit heartbreaking to see them post pictures of Pasadena and LA. “I could have been there!” I thought sadly. (Even though, of course, I couldn’t.)

Now they’re back in Asia (who knows for how long), and I was finally able to attend their show tonight—at a new venue, to boot! BeatingHeart is located in an industrial building in Shek Tong Tsui, in between Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town. The entrance was a bit confusing to find at first but I recognized the singer and followed him into the building. We even shared the same elevator! A _ A But I was too shy to manage anything beyond a nod and a meek, “Hello.” (And zero eye contact.)


The show was supposed to start at 10pm but didn’t begin until 11:30. It was well worth the wait. The band had great energy; the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. It was a small crowd but everyone danced and had a great time. At one point they pulled two dudes from another band and launched into a 20-minute jam session which I believe was completely improvised. The singer even gave my friend his beer! Which I also sipped! A _ A


They played everything from their latest EP All the Hidden Places, a few songs from their 2011 album Feel to Believe, and their new single “Orange Grape.” I lost my shit of course when they ended with “We Were Kids.” They pulled up an audience member to sing along with the lead singer. I totally wished they had pulled me up, but I don’t know the lyrics perfectly and they would have to lower the mic for me so that wouldn’t be very efficient.

I will try to catch as many shows as I can while they’re still here, especially one in Macau! SWOOOOOON!

My favorites so far:

We Were Kids

Germany I and II

What A Game

Orange Grape

Still swooning!

*Actually there was one band I was dying to see: Flight of the Conchords! I saw them twice, but they were mere ants from where I sat. :(

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