PUFF2013: Aliens vs. Zombies

Tonight’s PUFF screening took place at Experimenta and ended with a “Creature Feature Double”: The Hidden Hand (aliens) and Cannon Fodder (zombies).

My first contact with alien culture began this past November when my friends and I stayed up one night watching the first episode of Ancient Aliens. The Hidden Hand is less about alien contact from years past but about encounters with living people and how it’s been the U.S. government’s biggest secret. There were many interviews with ex-government employees and people who have been abducted, as well as lots of gnarly illustrations.




Um, is that a silurian?? Speaking of Doctor Who, I swear, one of the UFOs featured in the documentary looked like the Tardis. This film is definitely a must-watch if alien conspiracies are up your alley.

Unique plots are hard to come by as zombies continue to dominate pop culture. Most zombie movies begin in the same way: scientists have created a virus that quickly infects civilians. Chaos ensues as humans start eating each other and infecting everyone at a deadly rate. Only a small team of brave soldiers (either literal or metaphorical) is able to stop them—maybe. While Cannon Fodder is no different from other types of zombie films I’ve seen in the past, it still proved to be entertaining. Sure, the plot was a bit predictable, but the film took place in Israel so it was interesting to learn a bit about Israeli politics and see their zombies in action.

In Israel, zombies can run just as fast as the living. They can also jump down from buildings and eat each other. In America, zombies just kinda stand around and hang out until they smell a fresh human.

So, between aliens and zombies, the winner is:










Feature image from here


My mom’s response to my post



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