The Ryan Gosling Review: An Introduction


Ryan Gosling: actor/director. Hero. Musician. While I have been promoting Ryan Gosling as an all-around amazing person to whoever is willing to listen, I must admit that it did not start out this way. In fact, I used to think Ryan Gosling was a whatever person because I watched “The Notebook” and thought it was lame. I once thought his face looked weird. But after spending a lot of time browsing “Hey Girl” memes, I changed. (Due to his adorable reaction to said memes.) Then I watched the video of him breaking up a street fight in New York and this music video from his band:

Whaaaat. I had been missing out! Ryan Gosling is awesome! As I began to evangelize others into the Church of Gosling, I realized something else: “The Notebook” is the only R.Gos film I’ve seen. I haven’t seen anything else.

That is unacceptable! I must practice what I preach. I’m introducing a new (mini?) segment into my blog called, “The Ryan Gosling Review,” in which I watch and review movies starring our beloved actor. Let the indoctrination begin!

P.S. For anyone who’s devastated by R.Gos’ acting hiatus, there is help.

This is for real. (source)


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