World War Zzzzzzzz.


Seriously, mainstream blockbusters are quickly running out of ideas. How many movies will it take for people to realize that they’re just watching the same thing over and over again?

A zombie flick usually ends with two possible scenarios: A) find a cure (everybody is saved!) or B) there is no cure but humans somehow manage to find a way to live with it. Usually with movies like these, they opt for A because most people prefer to end things on a positive note, which is why I hated the film version of “I Am Legend.” [SPOILER ALERT]


Ok, so that story is about vampires, but the premise is similar: a strange virus turns humans into vampires (just replace that with zombies). In Richard Matheson’s book, Dr. Neville is the last human alive and struggles to find a cure. In the end, he becomes outnumbered by the vampires and is killed. In the movie version, Dr. Neville (played by Will Smith) also tries to find a cure… and he succeeds! But he dies anyway by risking his life to save some other humans he’s with (whom he gave the cure to and they escaped to a survivor colony). SO HE WASN’T EVEN THE LAST HUMAN LEFT. And yeah, humanity is saved.

People and their happy endings.


Of course WWZ was intense: with lots of loud noises and things jumping out, anyone would get spooked—in 3D no less. But even the 3D effects in this movie were poorly done. Like, who gives a shit if the condiments in the kitchen are in the foreground to provide depth of field, and I’m starting to feel like the only 3D elements I see so far are dust clouds. Also, when things were popping out, they kind of went out of focus—but that could be me lowering my 3D glasses.

“The Walking Dead” used to be one of my favorite shows to watch. As a series, it was able to propel itself by focusing primarily on character development, with the zombie epidemic merely serving as a backdrop. I’m only two episodes away from the season 3 finale but it’s been difficult trying to finish them because 1) I’ve become uninterested and 2) Game of fucking Thrones was on.

“Shaun of the Dead” is still the best zombie movie I’ve seen so far—it was less about the disease and more about what life would be like if zombies just suddenly existed. (Again, zombie epidemic as a backdrop, which allows for a more creative plot.) Plus the film was made before the zombie hype so it made it a little bit more unique; a tribute to the undead movies of the past. And who doesn’t love this scene?


(DIY movie scene with bonus Queen footage)

Granted, I haven’t seen all the zombie movies that have been made recently… but it’s because I’d rather watch something else. This has been more of a rant than a constructive review.

Oh, and I just read the plot for the original book version of “World War Z” and it’s more of a political/social commentary about what happens to the world after the zombie apocalypse—and it sounds fascinating. None of that hero worship bullshit.


2 responses to “World War Zzzzzzzz.

  1. I’ve never seen I Am Legend but the horrible CG turned me off. However, I Am Legend if a remake of a 1971 film called The Omega Man (though they are both based on a novel). Omega Man stars Charleton Heston and was actually pretty awesome… maybe because it was before zombie stories were such a common thing? It’s definitely worth checking out – and it also features one of the first interracial kisses!

    Another one worth watching is Cemetery Man ( – it’s a dark comedy about a heart broken cemetery groundkeeper whose job is to kill the zombies who rise from the dead every night. I just saw the entire film is on Youtube!

    • Ooh, must watch both! I remember you telling me about Cemetery Man! And I’ve heard of Omega Man before but i keep forgetting about it.

      Yeah, once you take a good idea and repeat it over and over again, it just loses its flavor. Do you think that movies of the past paid more attention to craft? I feel like nowadays, even the directors know that society is dumbing down. One super annoying thing in WWZ was when they literally spelled out the big reveal, as if the audience members are a bunch of idiots. I felt insulted, lol.

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