It is true that most people in Hong Kong opt to eat out rather than stay in and cook; with decent meals for dirt cheap (a meal + drink can cost as low as $22HKD—that’s $2.50USD), even locals find it impressive that you make dinner at home. Unless one lives with or has a family, eating out is usually the way to go.

I began cooking at home pretty early on since I arrived, mostly because I was too intimidated to order in local restaurants and food stalls. For awhile, my dinners consisted only of McDonald’s and instant noodle bowls purchased from 7-Eleven. Then I upgraded to instant noodle packages from the grocery store, and now, I make udon noodle soup with veggies and eggs every night for dinner.

Due to the size of our kitchens, it’s difficult to make a fabulous meal—let alone for oneself. My flat is so tiny that they idea of even hosting any sort of gathering in here becomes claustrophobic. (One time I had four people in my apartment at once and everyone just stood around awkwardly because… well, standing room only.)

My friends and I have discussed cooking parties for awhile, especially since Vincent James has the most spacious apartment in all of HK and a large kitchen (with a gas stove!) that he never uses. We decided to convene last night and finally do it, but not with a few mishaps along the road (like the doorknob getting suck and we were locked out for some time).

We did it!From L to R: Ellen’s kimbap, minced pork made by moi, fried eggs and tomatoes courtesy of Kat, rice we bought from a local restaurant, cherries from Wellcome, and sandwiches by V.James.

Close-up of the minced pork, the only dish I observed from my Taiwanese grandma.

We did it! The plan is to make this a monthly event.

After that we had a dance party (see photo above; the big screen is the visualizer from iTunes and the little screen is a strobe light app), followed by girl talk/man chat, trolling random strangers, and youtube karaoke.


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