Happy Sadurday.

I’m going out later tonight so I’m doing absolutely nothing for the entire day. It helps that I’ve finally been reaching out to people for help (like hiring a helper), so I no longer have to live like a post-college grad, with clothes scattered on the floor and piled on the bed, eating instant ramen for dinner.* No—I’m giving myself a life upgrade.

With that being said, I bought stuff. Things.


I’m the poor, cat lady version of Tom Haverford. Onto the things!

New speakers!! I bought these from the Wan Chai Computer Center on Hennessy Rd. These are bluetooth speakers with supposedly good range and sound quality, but I’ve used them about three times now and the quality has quickly deteriorated. We had tested them out in the office and the sound was crystal clear then, but now, they’ve developed this scratchiness that I liken to old school vinyl because I can’t return them and paid $290HKD, so yeah—it’s like having a record player that syncs up with your laptop! ヽ(・_・;)ノ

Its cuteness is undeniable though. And every time you start it up, you get a loud welcome greeting by a lady speaking Mandarin and a man speaking English in a Chinese-Indian accent. That’s alright with me.

Here are the speakers in action. (Can’t embed my vine posts for some reason.)

One of my favorite stores in HK sells a bunch of imported kitschy goods. I visit that place at least once a week. I’ve been admiring some boxes there (originally from Blue Q), and finally bought one to store my drugs.

Medicine box in action.

The box came with a little illustration printed on semi-transparent paper. I framed it and put it in my hallway. Definitely classes up the place.

Now I have a section of my room I like to call the “blue” area. Because there’s a lot of blue in that area.

You know, just makin’ my flat the most amazing place in Hong Kong so I never have to leave it. 

And finally, I put a bowtie on my tiger because,

say it with me…

On a completely unrelated note, I found this articled called “The Pixar Theory,” worth reading if you’re a Pixar fan. (It still doesn’t make me want to watch Cars 2.) Think I might rewatch Monsters Inc. today considering how Monsters University was just released in HK a few days ago, or watch Brave for the first time. (Though I will most likely spend the rest of the day careening across the internet.)

*I lied. I just paid my loans so yeah, gonna shut up and eat my instant noodles. Don’t worry I’ll put veggies in them.

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