She sells seashells.

I woke up to gloomy and cloudy skies on Saturday—not ideal weather for a day at the beach. But upon my friend’s insistence (it wasn’t raining on the other end of HK Island, where she lives), I put on my bathing suit, gathered my beach things, and headed off to Stanley for an afternoon of paddle boarding.

I don’t have any pictures from my first time on a paddle board (spoiler: I was sitting the whole time and the water was a weird emerald green), but I did take several photos during our lunch at St. Stephen’s Beach; a 20-minute walk from the main promenade, tucked away behind some residential buildings. Since it was a sunless day out, the strand was scattered with few people: a group of college kids sitting amongst the rocks; a crowd of boys wrestling on the giant platform floating in the water; families swimming near the shore, fully dressed (it always weirds me out when people go swimming with proper clothes on).

I’ve never visited the beach on a light, rainy day. The weather was a bit cooler than usual and the beach was unusually quiet. It was lovely.

Yummy sandwiches made by Ellen. Surprisingly great bread from 7-Eleven.

Paddle boarding was only $100HKD for three hours! We got the cheaper deal which meant no lessons and no leg strap for our boards. Ellen stood, Kat fell in the water thrice, and I pretended I was Pocahontas in a canoe.

We wanted to go for a night swim but ended up scrubbing our bodies with sand because FREE BODY SCRUB that’s why. Meanwhile, a man shadow-boxed with himself in the ocean, right in front of us. After that, we ate more sandwiches and drank hot stuff (I had a mango smoothie) at Pacific Coffee, and after after that, we had typical HK dessert at this local place in Causeway Bay.

The end.


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