Brunch at Café Eos.

Every weekend, I get a hankering for a hearty, western breakfast. North Point is great for Asian food but it’s pretty lacking when it comes to western eateries,* and I’m usually too lazy to bother going anywhere beyond my neighborhood so early in the day. It’s moments like these where I miss having an IHOP or Denny’s nearby. They’re not top quality but it’s always a quick drive down the street. Great for midnight snacks, too!

I happened to be out and about earlier today and remembered a few western brunch places in Tin Hau. When I used to live there, I would pass by a cute, French-looking café on my way to work. I stopped by for a quick brunch.

Café Eos is not French at all but a medley of European fare—Italian pastas, English breakfasts, and French desserts. Since I forgot to take an outdoor picture of the restaurant, allow me to paint a picture with words:

Located two blocks from the A2 exit in Tin Hau on the righthand side of the street, Café Eos is a small eatery sandwiched between some nondescript shops with its storefront windows painted a pale, lemony yellow. Due to limited space, there is only one outdoor table available. On the inside, the café resembles a tiny bite of Europe, or what I imagine a European café to look like as I’ve never been. There are four sets of tables with four chairs each, and one more table in a slightly lofted space above, near the kitchen. When I came in, a bespectacled girl was sitting there, reading a book. The walls are painted with lemon and mint green stripes, decorated with artwork of varying styles, sizes, and frames. Large chalkboard menus hang above the kitchen window. Lighting is sparingly used, save for the natural glow emanating from the main windows.

tl;dr It looks like a European café.

I ordered one of their all-day breakfasts: the mushroom and bacon with baked beans, tomatoes, poached egg, and garlic toast—your basic English fry-up. (English breakfasts are one of the best things I’ve discovered since moving here.) It also came with a small glass of orange juice, all for 69HKD.

Since I came around lunchtime, I expected the small shop to fill up quickly but it stayed peacefully quiet. There were other patrons in there of course but no lunch rush, or maybe I left before people started to pile in. Either way, it was a lovely break from the usual Hong Kong chaos. I might make this my standard weekend getaway.

I had brought a book with me and was delighted to see that the walls matched the cover perfectly!

I still think the quality and serving size is better at The Flying Pan (and at a steeper price at about 100HKD), but for $69, Café Eos isn’t bad at all. There are other things on the menu like scones, waffles, and of course, the pastas and desserts that I still want to try. Furthermore, the atmosphere there begs for a quiet afternoon of tea sipping, scone nibbling, and book reading.


*I mean, I guess I should add that this is Hong Kong and not like, England or something so I can’t expect western restaurants on every street corner… but one located immediately downstairs in my building can’t hurt, right?

5 responses to “Brunch at Café Eos.

  1. Yay, you’re reading Time Cat! :D Are you liking it?

    This cafe looks nice – I gotta check it out. In fact, I’ve been wanting to do a ton of restaurant exploring in Tin Hau.

    • Yes, Time Cat is super fun! I’m halfway through now. I’m in the section where he’s in Japan and I was pleased that the author made the distinction between Chinese and Japanese, haha! Made all his travels feel more legit.

      Yes! Tin Hau is like a diverse food Mecca, all on one street, more or less! I think you’d like that café a lot. I’m going to try to go back this weekend. Another place to explore would be Quarry Bay. There’s supposed to be a really good taco truck there!

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