The Worst Week.

Please keep in mind that I’m only acknowledging this horrible week because as of tonight, it’s already gotten loads better. It all began this Sunday, when my lower left wisdom tooth decided to crown in full force. Since then, my sleep schedule has been completely fucked—I’ve been up since 3-4am over the past two days. Last night I knocked out at 8:30pm and managed to get six hours of sleep, but it doesn’t help that I’ve already been awake for six hours before heading into the office.

I’ve never experience toothache prior to this so I pretty much heeded every piece of advice given to me about getting my teeth checked out. Three days later, I have learned my lesson. I made an appointment for 11:30am tomorrow and cannot wait. The Panadol Extra I’ve been taking is NOT working, and I’m close to exceeding my eight pill per 24-hour limit.

The good news is, I’m making a zine with a few my friends and met with an independent publisher. I thought it would just be a quick conversation about paper and pricing, but turns out I serendipitously tapped into the local Hong Kong art scene! Finally. I never doubted Hong Kong’s art scene—I just knew it would be harder to find, especially without local guidance.

Anyway, more on that later! I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. I expect that by the time I’m ready to mention the zine again, it will be a proper post with pictures of our handiwork. More on Hong Kong’s zine scene too. I’m ready to sleep the pain away now.


3 responses to “The Worst Week.

  1. get some medicine with Paracetamolum and Codeini phosphas – I had the worst pain last March – literally I didn’t sleep for 5 days, then I had 2h naps… I was frustrated, angry, in pain – just a nightmare. if it’s your first wisdom tooth go get the x-ray, it might not come out in right position causing you pain, destroying the rest of the teeth or even bring you a cancer – a friend of mine almost died because her wisdom tooth was inside and got some infection, now she has a big bouble on her face and she had few surgeries…

    • Oh wow, thanks for the advice! I have a tendency to let medical problems “heal” on their own.. I had another minor scare a few months ago with an infection as well. Will definitely try out those meds!

      • wisdom tooth is serious thing, it should be gone since we don’t use them to chew anymore but Mr. Darwin lost this battle, at least now ;) you know, if everything on the x-ray is ok you can just ask them to cut the gums so tooth comes out more easily and causes less pain :) hope it will help you a bit :)

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