School Food

New restaurants are opening up in Times Square! Last year (shortly after I arrived), the building shut down most of their restaurants to make room for a new theater which is still under construction. The food court downstairs is also being renovated, which forced me to look for eateries outside of Times Square. I now frequent several cheap places, but it’s nice to treat yoself once in awhile and eat something a bit pricier than usual.

School Food is a modern Korean restaurant located on the 12th floor. With a name like that, I expected the space to be decked out with chalkboards and a waitstaff dressed as teachers or lunch ladies. The only thing related to the classroom were the mismatched chairs—disappointing. I give them a B- for decor and a D+ for not even bothering to theme out their restaurant. So much wasted potential.

ANYWAY, onto the food. My group and I shared four dishes amongst three people. The serving size is moderate and since we shared, I got hungry an hour later. Would have been better if we each ordered one dish for ourselves and one to share. Each dish ranged from $60-$80HKD.

We ordered:

Vegetable Tempura Udon
Grade: A+! I enjoyed this one the best. Tasty, simple, and later proved to be useful.

Beef and Cheese Mari (probably not the official name)
Grade: A. Yummy. The salad on the side was ok.

Cheese Tteokbokki
Grade: B. So spice, SO SPICE! Do not underestimate the hotness. I had to rinse the sauce off with the soup from the udon. It helped a lot. Pro tip from my Korean friend: eat the spiciest dish last, otherwise, all of the food you eat will be spicy! Least favorite dish because it brought back my runny nose.

Beef and Butter Bibimbap (Totally guessing on the name)
Grade: B+. This was our bonus dish because we were still a bit hungry and needed to further relieve our palettes from all the spicy. I thought they had put cheese in there but it’s butter! I’ve never had rice with butter before so it was a bit unusual, but in a great way.

Overall: A-. I would definitely come back again and never order the tteokbokki. The desserts looked pretty good too—lots of patbingsu on the menu. Perfect for summer.


More food from my lunch on September 4th!

Spam Mari II (Chef’s Choice)
Grade: A-. I didn’t expect much from this one as it’s just spam, but the buttered egg really gave the spam mari rolls an extra punch of flavor. Next time I’ll order the Spam Mari I and notice if there’s a difference.

Fried Chicken Curry Ramyun (Chef’s Choice)
Grade: C. While the menu boasted that this dish is recommended by the chef, it totally disappointed me. The fried chicken was delicious but the ramyun felt like the instant kind and the curry was nothing to brag about. If it wasn’t for the chicken, I would have given this a C-.

Bacon Carbonara Tteokbokki
Grade: B+. There’s non-spicy tteokbokki on the menu! I was a bit skeptical about this dish as I’ve had my fair share of subpar attempts at carbonara in Hong Kong. While the sauce did feel a bit powdery, it was very flavorful and went well with the tteokbokki. Asian-fusion success.

Kimchi and Egg Bibimbap
Grade: B. It was aiight. The beef and butter bibimbap is definitely much butter. I mean, better.


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