Farewell Sai Ying Pun Party @ BeatingHeart

On Saturday night, BeatingHeart officially drew the curtains at their Sai Ying Pun location with two farewell performances beginning on Friday night, packed with some of Hong Kong’s (and Macau’s) best local bands. I was only able to catch the Saturday event and am so glad I did. Here was the lineup:

The David Bowie Knives opened the show with some British rock.

Then it was The Sinister Left—very appropriately named. Their opening song reminded me of a more sad and evil version of the XX, and the lead singer’s voice sounds like the guy from Interpol. Everyone bopped their heads menacingly to the music.

I’m used to seeing bands of the same vein perform together, so it was a treat to listen to Bella Elektra. With vocal stylings similar to that of Jamiroquai/Justin Timberlake/the guy from Maroon 5 and backed by both a trumpet and saxophone, the electronic sounds of Bella Elektra really got people dancing.

And then there were laserz.


If you guessed Turtle Giant then you have been paying attention.

I couldn’t get a picture of Beto (drummer) because… because I don’t have a *real* camera! :(

ANYWAY Turtle Giant played an amazing set as usual. They performed a few new releases, some songs from their first album and EP (“Sunlight,” “Gold Tooth,” “We Were Kids”), and debuted a new track called “Ready Steady.” A couple of the fans (myself included) wanted to hear “Orange Grape” but that was when their set ended. u_u

They will be performing in Vietnam in October. How I wish I could be there!! Everyone, please go and support this amazing band. Your ears will thank you.

But wait, there’s more!

DP was the final band to perform that night and they did not disappoint. Mostly metal with a bit of punk and lots of drums, the crowd thrashed and headbanged (but no moshing took place as per HK’s standard). There was even a kerfuffle with security on stage. They are definitely a great band to see live.

The night ended with a jam session by a few of the band members who stayed.

They played three completely improvised songs. It was mind-blowing because it all sounded so sophisticated and legit. I guess that’s what separates working musicians and hobbyists, though there is nothing wrong with non-professional jam sessions because that’s what I’m all about. But it’s like… damn, it’ll take me a lifetime before I can get onto that level.

Then this guy jumped onstage and started rapping Matisyahu-style.

And it was awesome. I left after that to go to tallest bar in Hong Kong (ICC building in TST), which was cool and all, but the show was much, much cooler.


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