Days of being wild.

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 12.30.07 AMGahhh. It’s been awhile hasn’t it. Almost a year has gone by and SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED—the good, the bad, the stupid. I don’t really know where to begin so I’ll recap a few things that have happened since my abrupt hiatus:

Travel: I’ve visited Bali (first time), met up with two of my best friends in Taipei and later Seoul, went back to the States for Christmas and visited Denver (first time). I also went to Shanghai for work.

Sports: I was doing muay thai four times a week at one point, but then ♡ roller derby ♡ took over. I was still doing both for awhile, but it kinda took a toll on my health so I’ve been sticking with derby for now and squeezing in muay thai whenever I can.

Health: Not so good. I was over-exercising, coming home late, eating out 24/7, and super stressed from working too much. I was pretty much sick for eight months straight. Nothing serious, but there were many trips to the doctor, I took tons of medicine that didn’t work, and felt down and out all the time. I’ve only started focusing on my health recently and have been feeling much better, which is great as I need to use my body as a catapult for derby.

Fun stuff: Not to say the above (sans health problems) wasn’t fun, but I’ve been doing REALLY FUN stuff like making music/videos and collaborating with my bff Vince on our zine, Like Like. I will do a proper post on that later so check us out on tumblr in the meantime. The complete zine is up there too if you wanna give your eyeballs something to look at. I’ve also attended a handful of great gigs—the most recent being CSS, which needs to be blogged about.

I will make time to do dedicated posts on all the major events that have happened, but the main reason I restarted my blog is because of my current obsession with Wong Kar Wai films. I mean, I’m not OBSESSED but I’ve been flying through them: Chungking Express, Days of Being Wild, In the Mood for Love. Ok, I’ve only watched three, but in the span of two weeks which is really fast for me. Then again, I ripped through the entire X-Men movie series two weeks before that so… I guess I’ve been on a movie-watching spree lately. Whatevs, Game of Thrones just ended and my major shows haven’t started yet so I finally have the time to fill up my Letterboxd calendar.

Anyway. Vince and I visited Cafe de Goldfinch, which was featured in In the Mood for Love and 2046 (I plan on watching the latter this weekend).

Cafe de Goldfinch. 13-15 Lan Fong Rd. Causeway Bay

Cafe de Goldfinch. 13-15 Lan Fong Rd. Causeway Bay




The dishes on the main menu are considerably pricier than my usual lunch fare, ranging from 90-145HKD or something like that (I didn’t pay attention as it was no longer relevant to me). The set lunch menu was handwritten on a small slip of paper, tucked in between a few other menus. Would have missed it if Vince hadn’t found it. Set lunches were 60HKD—reasonable! But alas, I could barely make out the chicken scratch… ok ok, I confess—I can’t read in Chinese. I’m completely illiterate.

I summoned the waitress over and asked her to explain the items on the menu. She began speaking in Cantonese—she might as well have spoken to me in Russian (an embarrassing admission after two and a half years here, but I was under pressure!)—so I asked if she could switch to Mandarin. She graciously did, and, /facepalm her food vocabulary was too advanced for me. Not wanting to take up more of her time, I told her we’d think about it. In the end I pulled the whole “I’ll have what he’s having,” pointing at the other table, for both Vince and I. Pictured above.

Wasn’t into it, as I prefer my rice to be drenched in some sort of sauce. The food for me was subpar, though Vince swears that we just ordered the wrong thing as he’s been a few times. Next time we’ll definitely bring a Cantonese speaker with us. Or someone who can read Chinese.

But, of course, we didn’t come here for the food.


Directly behind Vince is the poster for In the Mood for Love, which is situated right above the booth where the actors sat in! I love the green floral wallpaper. The ceiling is painted to look like the sky with fairy lights strung all around. The architecture is postmodern and probably hasn’t changed much since the ’70s—and I’m sure it’s seen better days.


I really love the wood carving of their logo. Super rad. And definitely digging this picture that Vince took of me. I’m using it everywhere now. It was completely candid, I swear. *big wink*

Don’t know if I’ll frequent this place because I really wasn’t impressed with the food today and I patronize much better eateries around Causeway Bay—but I’ll probably be back next week after I watch 2046.




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