Cuz I’ve been hanging on you.

Recently, a series of events have turned my ears onto Future Islands. I’m terrible with genres so I’ll describe them as electronic-synth-indie-rock-dance-feels, with an emphasis on the ~feels~ cause their lyrics are poetic, the lead singer performs like a motivational speaker high on love, and I’ve been having mini dance parties before bed every night because I just can’t help it and I ain’t gonna fight it.

My first introduction to Future Islands was about two months ago, with this video of their performance of “Beach Foam”:

After watching it I thought ok, cool, cool. That was nice.

Then last weekend, I was hanging out with a friend at Central pier, eating instant noodles and playing CSS songs from my phone when he said, hey, check this out. He played “Beach Foam” (“ooh yea I know that one,”) followed by “Long Flight,” and I was like… whoa.


What a beautiful and sad song. I enjoyed the little speech in the beginning. Makes the song even more tragic. Samuel Herring’s performance is mesmerizing. I listened to that song all of Monday and half of Tuesday, and then I discovered “Spirit,” from their newest album.

Hole. Lee. Fuck. I listened to this song on repeat for the rest of the week. I listened to it all day at work, and then on my walk home from work, and then at home while I was making dinner. I ended each night with an uplifting dance solo while my cat judged me. I analyzed the lyrics like crazy. I even drew a picture in my journal cause I was like, THIS NEEDS TO SINK IN. I NEED TO VISUALIZE THIS.

A very literal interpretation.

A very literal interpretation.

The entire song is really inspiring but the chorus moves me.

Find the sun, force the moon 
Loose the earth 
For dreams come to those who let them in their guarded room 
Open wide your winged-eye 
Spirit dives—to catch your truth 
For spirit thrives where darkness comes to challenge you

Another crazy good performance. When he gave his speech before the song I started freaking out because I thought, omg, this is so relevant to me right now. I needed this.

So far they’ve only been touring in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. I hope they’ll do an Asia tour and play in Hong Kong soon. I must see them someday, somewhere! Anywhere.

No surprise, but I’ve been listening to them all day today. Their latest album “Singles” is pretty much perfect. So yeah. Give your ears something delightful to listen to.


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