Weekend Update.

Had a very eventful and $$$ Friday night. I spent all weekend in hermit-mode, recovering mentally, physically, and financially. (The perks of being an introvert). I think this will be my last big night outing for awhile—or at least for the rest of the month.

MTR selfie MTR selfie.

First stop: Ping Pong 129 in Sai Ying Pun.

Ping Pong Bar.

Ping Pong 129 used to be a ping pong hall and has been converted into an upscale bar. (We were hoping for ping pong tables but sadly there were none.) It’s primarily a gin bar, so the only cocktails they mix are gin-based—featuring gin & tonics—though there are other liquors on the menu.

Ping Pong Bar.

Ping Pong Bar.

Ping Pong Bar.

I ordered the gin & tonic with juniper berries and orange peel. I can’t remember the name of the gin, but the berries were tasty! Pine-y, crunchy, with a berry aftertaste.

Ping Pong Bar.

It’s hard to get a table if you’re in a large party. While our group was put on a waiting list, we left when we concluded that we wouldn’t be seated for a long while.

Oh, and there’s a dress code: no flip flops allowed. In fact, we were first turned away because Vince wore flip flops. Since we had made a huge journey getting there, we were all a bit apprehensive to leave without properly visiting our destination. A.—maker of robots and super nice guy—suggested we buy a pair of shoes from the thrift shop around the corner for Vince to wear. Unfortunately, they only had one pair of shoes that were too small for Vince but barely large enough to fit A.’s feet, so A. and Vince swapped shoes—A. wore the thrifted pair while Vince wore A.’s shoes. As we were leaving the bar, we noticed a group of dudes who were also turned away because one member wore sandals. We offered them the same solution and found them rummaging through shoes by the time we got outside. The thrift shop owner should definitely consider opening a shoe store/shoes-for-rent.

Next stop: good ol’ Flying Pan in Central.

Flying Pan

Flying Pan

Bloody mary + omelette with a side of beans, potatoes, and english muffin.

And then: Premium Sofa Club in Sheung Wan.

Premium Sofa Club

This place is weird. A friend had mentioned it to me the week before as this quaint basement lounge teaming with sofas playing “soft house.” I felt like I was entering some creepy haunted house as I was greeted by a headless mannequin and the place was so fogged up and dark I had no idea where I was going. Then the lights magically turned on and it looked like a ransacked living room with empty bottles littered over tables and candelabras everywhere.

It’s BYOB with a 100HKD cover charge. The music was more experimental techno with bits of funk. I think it depends on the night, I guess. I danced for a bit but decided I didn’t like the music. Plus the patrons were a bit sketchy. However, two people in our party had a blast while the rest of us became mesmerized by lasers. Now I know how moths feel?

Edit: After visiting their facebook page it seems like they do have some cool events that I would be down to go to, like 90s-themed nights. It just looked like we visited on a particularly quiet/strange/shady evening.

Premium Sofa Club Vince and N. dancing the night away.

Our final stop was a bar called Oma that was popular for its techno dj set. At this point I was pretty tired and wanted to go home. And so I did.

On Saturday, Vince and I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the movies and it was AWESOME. Everyone, go see it right now. I went home and immediately watched part one because it’s been a long while and I pretty much forgot what happened. The first movie was just as great. Itching to watch part 2 again now!

After that we went to Flying Pan in Wan Chai.

Flying Pan 2

And that concludes my weekend. I spent all of today (Sunday) sleeping.

Bonus pics:

Going out face Friday night going out face.

new contact lens case New contact lens case I bought earlier this week when I was feeling extra cranky and angsty.


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