The best burgers in town.

I’ve been to a few burger joints in Hong Kong, and while places like Caliburger (basically a copy of In-N-Out) or the Butcher’s Club serve up tasty, beefy meals, they come with a heavy price tag. Delicious hamburgers are plentiful and cheap in the good ol’ U.S. of A., so it hurts my American heart to pay the equivalent of 12USD for a decent one.

MOS Burger—which is an acronym for “mountain,” “ocean,” and “sun”—is a Japanese chain that is scattered across Asia. Strangely enough, I first learned about the franchise when I was a teen and happened to download a desktop icon set promoting their range of hamburgers. *nerd alert* I had my first bite in Taiwan and also tried it when I first moved to Hong Kong with no recollection of the experience, for some reason.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 1.22.53 AM (Source)

Well. I happened to be craving burgers today (a rare moment, tbh) and walked into their shop in Wanchai. I ordered the Wagyu burger, along with a pumpkin croquette, iced matcha latte, mos cheeseburger, fries, and coke (the latter being my friend’s meal—I mean I love food but I’m still a relatively small human), for a whopping 97HKD, which is less than 12USD for two meals. In fact, I originally thought the prices weren’t listed next to the burgers on the menu because they were so cheap—30HKD for the promotional wagyu and about 24HKD for a normal burger. Those are McDonald’s prices, yo.

Pumpkin croquette hiding behind my burger.

Pumpkin croquette hiding behind my burger.

While the burgers are the size of a baby’s hand, the patties are fat and pretty much all the ingredients are cut pretty thickly, including the tomatoes and ~egg~ on my wagyu burger. I was completely stuffed and sleepy after my meal and will think twice about ordering a side next time. Oh yeah, and the entire meal was SCRUMPTIOUS, down to the last drop of my matcha latte.

Mos Wagyu Burger

A conversation:

“Oh hai, nice to meet you, what is your name?”
“Wagyu burger with egg.”
“Oh hai wagyu burger with egg! I’m hungry.”


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