BLONDE? Vincent James

Roughly a year ago, I made this dreamy post about CSS’ “City Grrrl” and going blonde. Fast forward to summer of 2014 and not only did I see CSS in concert—and was serenaded by Lovefoxxx herself to that song—I am now, finally, blonde.

Right after I got it done.

The decision to go blonde occurred early in January, when my ex-manager (of all people) encouraged me to do it. I immediately sought out a salon and made an appointment. Four hours of bleaching later, I was a lovely brunette. Since it was my first try, I wasn’t too upset.

Two months later I went back to the same salon asking to go blonde, only to result in more or less the same color (though less red, the stylist assured me. As if that’s all I had asked for). Another two months passed and I decided to try my luck at a different salon. My hair was now a lighter shade of brown with green bits. It’s safe to say I will never go back there.

I realized my mistake: I was asking for referrals by people who had pretty normal hair color. By normal I mean highlights and brown coloring; nothing crazy. And what I wanted was crazy. I decided to ask my friend who’s gone through multiple hair colors since I knew her this past year: blonde, pink, purple, grey. She directed me to a salon in Wan Chai, very close to my office.

I went in on a Friday night and Danny, my stylist, asked me to come back on Sunday because it wouldn’t be enough time to lighten my hair. I left disappointed but hopeful, as he was the first hair stylist who was actually honest with me. When I returned on Sunday, Danny and his assistant immediately got to work. After six hours in the chair, I was blonde! My hair was a lot more yellow than I had liked and he kinda messed up when he plopped a bunch of yellow onto my bangs, but I’m just happy that I’ve finally left Brunettesville and am now in Blonde City.

Last night.

Due to my financial situation and not wanting to continuously destroy my hair, I plan on getting touch ups every two months, as I’ve been doing this past year. Besides touching up my roots, I’m definitely going to tone the crap out of my hair as my goal is to become a platinum blonde. I personally think that works better on Asian skintones as the yellow makes my skin look a lot pinker for some reason. I’ve also been using purple shampoo/conditioner to help with the brassiness. My roots are showing now and I love the look. Can’t wait for my next session!

In case any of you are interested, here’s the info for the salon:

Leri Hair Salon
G/F 193A Wanchai Rd.
Business hours: 1030am – 800pm
Closed Wednesdays

8 responses to “Blondie

  1. Hey there! Love your determination on getting that hair blonde! I was just wondering if the purple shampoo you mentioned above actually helped getting rid of the yellow tone in your hair? I’m now a blonde but not a white blonde, still have a tinge of yellow left in it and it doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many times I bleach it. Would you reccommand using purple shampoo? If so where can you buy it? Thank you in advance and keep posting! xx

    • Hi there! The purple shampoo helps a bit especially if you leave it in for a few minutes, though what really helped me was adding grey to my hair during my last session. The grey washed out in a few days but left my hair a lot whiter. My hair still has a bit of yellow in it as well and I’m actually considering just dying it white-grey cause I really liked it, and it seems like the yellow will never leave my hair! I’ve read about people toning their hair at home. I haven’t tried it yet as my hair is now extremely damaged so I’m letting it “rest” before I do anything further to it. Hope that helped and thanks for reading! :D Let me know how your hair turns out. :)

    • Hi there! So sorry for the late response, I’m not on top of the blog, clearly. :( I hope you found what you are looking for. If not, a shop I like to go to is called Pro Hair in Jardines Crescent in causeway bay. Good products for a fraction of the price.

      Pro Hair
      Shop 1B, 48 Jardine’s Crescent
      Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I like to go to this place called Pro Hair in causeway bay.

      Pro Hair
      Shop 1B, 48 Jardine’s Crescent
      Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

      They’ve got a couple to choose from! I can’t remember the name of the brand I got but it is Italian and the product is for “silver” hair :)

  2. hi! so i’m asian with dark brown hair that’s really almost black, and i want to kind of ombre silver/grey so i’m looking for somewhere that can bleach my hair without damaging it too much, and do the dying job well. i was wondering how much it cost for you to have your hair bleached there? i can’t afford too high a price. cheers!

    • Hi Astrid! I wouldn’t recommend the salon I’d been going to as they couldn’t achieve the color I wanted.
      Since my hair is super damaged now I’m letting it rest, but I did get it cut at a place called Edge Salon in TST, where I noticed that they could do bright colors and had the grey swatch I wanted.

      I would give these guys a shot. My salon charged me about 900HKD, but Edge’s prices are around 600-700HKD.

      Let me know how it goes! Hope this helps and good luck. :)

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