Pool Party Fun.

On Saturday, I finally crawled out of my bat cave and participated in my first official summer activity. My friends have a lovely place on Lamma Island so I spent the weekend there. I didn’t go anywhere these past few months so it was nice to get away for a little bit.

leaving HK island. Leaving Hong Kong Island from Central Pier.

My friend Justine hosted a summer bbq party for a bunch of our colleagues. I was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

bloody caesars Bloody Caesars, a.k.a clamato juice, a.k.a best thing ever.

winstonLil’ Winston.

cool kidsAlina & Justin. I will miss them.

island brekkieSunday brekkie: egg + veggie bacon burger with strawberry lemonade.


I can’t believe my friends do this all weekend! Their friends later came over for a dip in the pool. After we hung about, we went to The Waterfront for Indian food. I bought a bottle of freshly squeezed mango and orange juice before heading back to Hong Kong Island. So chill.

Lamma is such an instant getaway from the chaos of city life. Housing is much cheaper here so a lot of expats who crave a more settled lifestyle tend to live on the island. The only downside is the commute which is about half an hour by ferry. Not too bad, but I can imagine it’d get tricky during storms or if one often partakes in late-night partying as the last ferry is 2am on the weekends.

Justine has already invited me to watch all of Ryan Gosling’s movies at her place so it’s safe to say that there will be another Lamma retreat in my (near) future.


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