Hello, 27.

Every September, my life becomes consumed with work as I basically take on two job roles to a huge project that rolls around during this time. (I wound up working five Saturdays in a row.) This project is both my baby and demon spawn from hell; I am both proud of the work I’ve done but I also want to light it on fire as it’s still not over yet. But, the benefits to working on Saturdays—comp days! I have yet to plan my Christmas vacation this year but I hope to stay in LA a bit longer and even squeeze a quick trip to Phuket en route to the States. We’ll see.

In an effort to not disappear for two seasons like I did last year, I will do my best to summarize what has happened since my last post on the first of September.

September Highlights

5th: HKRD presents Jam, Rock n’ Roll

Mos A poster I put up in Causeway Bay. It’s still there!

Babes Number Six and Rick O’Bryan working the ticket booth.

Prayforme Number Six killin it with her band, Prayforme.

For HKRD’s first-ever event and birthday bash, we had quite the turn out! The bands were great and the crowd even got a nice mosh pit going on. And.. in a strange turn of events, guess who won the grand prize—a 500HKD voucher to Starcrossed Tattoo? This moi. :S (Let me explain: my friend ended up winning and gave the voucher to his girlfriend, who ended up giving it to me for personal reasons. So yeah, it wasn’t rigged, I swear!)

7th: Sunday junk in Sai Kung




This was the best junk trip of my life. My first excursion was quite traumatizing and occurred when I first moved out here. It ended with a ton of blood (it looked like someone got murdered on the boat), because the people I went with got super drunk and stepped on broken glass. After that I wasn’t really keen on any more trips, but made an exception for this one as it was a going-away thing for a friend. And boy, I got my money’s worth! I paid about 80USD for unlimited food, great service, and just an overall chill day. The food and service totally made it worth it, plus the group I went with this time were not set on getting hammered. I think I spent about an hour sunning myself on that mattress. Would do it all over again!

9th: Mid-Autumn Festival in Tai Po


fire Families and couples gathering around stacks of candles.

Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a holiday I celebrated with family. We would go to my aunt or grandmother’s house, eat dinner and mooncakes and then go to the backyard to look at the moon. Since I have no family in Hong Kong, I never cared to celebrate it, probably because it’s still really hot around that time of year and being lazy, I just wasn’t interested. However, as it was Vince’s final month in Hong Kong, I decided it was time I partook in the celebration, and who better to celebrate it with?

There’s usually a massive festival in Causeway Bay but we decided to make a trip out to Tai Po to get away from the crowds. It was interesting to see how huge of a holiday it is in Asia when I always remembered it as a small family celebration—almost a make-believe holiday, as a kid—as it most likely will never be listed as a public holiday in the States. (Though I have high hopes for the future.)

There were giant lanterns everywhere—an entire collection of the Chinese zodiac, other animals, and characters from Chinese folklore. I felt like I was at the Griffith Park light show during Christmas! It was also cool to see how people celebrated it here. When we were walking by the park, we saw groups of families, friends, and couples huddled together around elaborate stacks of candles. Were they making wishes, or simply enjoying the calming glow of the flames?

I only ate a quarter of a mooncake this year (not a fan, tbh), but I will make an effort to celebrate it next year, hopefully with a Hong Kong-nese family. That would be sweet!

11th: Blue Hawaii @ Basement Live

Untitled Want.


Due to rave reviews from friends, I bought tickets to see Blue Hawaii perform having never listened to their music. I was blown away by their talent and extreme politeness. They were lovely and adorable. I’d never experienced electronic music live before, so I was super impressed by the amount of patience and skill it took to perform each song. The most impressive part was that the singer sang nonstop, pretty much, for their entire set. They were experiencing technical difficulties and powered through, and even asked the crowd several times to dance along. (Most people in HK don’t really dance for some reason.) Wonderful humans and amazing performers. Glad I got to catch them here!

25th: Turning 27

The day I turned 27 was a strange day filled with dumb decisions. Perhaps it was due to being overworked, or it could be that entering my late-20s really took a toll on the ol’ brainputer. Aside from the poor decision-making, my day was filled with tons of food and love from my colleagues. First, they took me to my favorite Japanese-style hot pot place, Mou Mou Club, an all-you-can-eat unlimited meat and buffet of veggies, dumplings, and noodles. I ate until I almost couldn’t function.

mou mou club The only decent picture as our table was a constant mess and we were all unattractively stuffing our faces.

They then spoiled me with a decadent, thick, pecan pie.


27 Me pretending to make a wish as I never make wishes because a) the pressure! and b) I make my dreams come true anyway. Boom.

I had to work late that evening so I had a yummy solo dinner at Thai Basil in the Lee Theater Plaza. This is one of the few places that actually serve Thai milk tea, and I always order their pan-fried flat noodles in green curry. Yum!


I’ve been 27 for a month now and the weirdness has melted away. 27 has always been a special number to me for various reasons so I hope it will be a good year.


That being said, my ~real~ birthday party with friends occurred on the 27th! My friend Christine organized it for me. We had dinner at The Chop House at Midtown in Causeway Bay.

hey where are you guys A candid photo taken by my friend Feona of me being like, “Where are you guys?”

fwendsSo happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with these amazing people. :)

The Chop House Yummay.

After dinner, a night of singing was in order! We went to a place I had never been to called Music Box in Wan Chai. It’s a bit on the pricier side without the typical HK food deals (this was a Japanese-owned place I think), BUT they had an amazing selection of songs. I sang one of the newer Arcade Fire numbers, and my go-to classic, “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer, which I have been deprived of since I moved here.

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

Well, that was a doozy of a post! I had a list of October highlights too but I will spare you, dear reader. Besides, October isn’t over yet! And now Halloween is right around the corner. I spent all Saturday afternoon coloring a found image of pikachu on Photoshop (I’m going to be a Pokémon trainer this year!) and need to get the image printed on my shirt. I am still looking for the perfect hat, which I saw on my baby cousin’s instagram:

Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to find this in HK. Otherwise I’ll end up looking like some sort of late 90’s hipster—which would probably happen inevitably. :T


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