Childhood reveries.


Who’s that pokémon?

Nearly a month ago, I began a post to summarize my month of October. November is coming to an end now and that post is still sitting patiently in my drafts, waiting to be finished. The downside to these types of posts is the amount of dedication required to write such a thing. The end result is fun but I find it hard to concentrate while writing. I lose my patience when it comes to uploading and editing photos and my attention drifts as I begin to write. I was hoping this would become a monthly thing but my impatience is getting the best of me.

I’ve been working on redecorating my room over these past two months. I had been unsure as to whether I’d continue to call this place home. After all, having about 200 sq. ft. to live in can be quite cumbersome, according to my cat at least. But I’ve slowly adjusted to my tiny space, and once I learned about the rising rental prices, my unit instantly became more comfortable and homely.

This past weekend, I went on a somewhat spontaneous trip to an arcade in Mongkok. I hadn’t been to an arcade in years and had fun reliving a part of my youth that I’ve actually never experienced. As a kid, I was too afraid to play in the arcades as I saw it as a waste of money. I was more concerned about losing quarters than the actual experience of playing a game. Plus, I was a mega sore loser with zero confidence so I felt that I’d lose anyway, creating the ultimate lose-lose situation. Now, as an adult, it was fun to play as many rounds as I wanted, smashing buttons and shooting at zombies to discover that I wasn’t all that bad.

Before that, my friends and I stuffed our faces with burgers and went on a shopping spree. I bought a few things from my favorite Korean brand, Ooh La La, and the original Pokémon Indigo League trio in the form of Nanoblocks. I was really uptight as a child and I find myself loosening up the older I get. It was such a freeing feeling, to stop worrying and indulge in things that I like. The past few months have been so confining so I really needed this release.

Tonight I decided to build my first Pokémon nanoblock and learned a lot about myself in the process. For instance, I don’t like to read instructions. I prefer to skim them and build carelessly. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? They’re just blocks, I thought.

Well. I wound up dismantling my pokémon four times before realizing the importance of set instructions. These instructions not only indicated how to build, but how many pieces are involved in each step. I remember first seeing that part and scoffing. “Anal much?” I thought. And suddenly, I was nearing a mini stress attack as I broke apart my pieces for the fourth time and had to put on calming music to distract myself. I learned a valuable lesson there. Puzzles are built for more anal-retentive personalities, so whoever came up with this design thought it out carefully. I could have built the puzzle in 15 minutes if I had bothered to follow along, but it took me over an hour instead. My impatience, indifference, and carelessness caused me to waste my own time.

Anyway, what was the point of all this? I guess that as I continue to age, I’m actively trying to think a bit differently about things. I believe it’s healthy for the brain and in life. For example, I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more indulgent with my obsessive tendencies, allowing myself days to fuss over wallpaper. I don’t kick myself over trial and error as often anymore and try to accept the process as a whole. Want to see what that pattern looks like on the wall? Stick it up. Leave it on for a few days. Don’t like how it looks? Tear it off. Begin a new search. Spend hours on Shutterstock. Print. Cut. Repeat. Repeat this until I am happy. Though I do worry that with this perfectionist attitude, I will never be satisfied, but my perceiving side jumps in immediately and asks, “Let’s just take this as it comes, ok?” And besides, constant satisfaction eventually leads to complacency, which means that one’s life is beginning to plateau—and that’s something I’d like to avoid. I’m an ambitious overachiever (when I want to be) with a lazy exterior and I’d like to keep it that way.

The pokémon is squirtle.



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