Like Like Zine at L.A. Zine Fest!

Happy Chinese New Year, readers! I would wish you a Happy (non-Chinese) New Year and a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it), but CNY is lurking around the corner and I should probably delete my unfinished “October” draft because let’s face it, it will never get published. Life goes on and keeps on going, as do I!

And guess what guys, February 15th is right around the corner! Screw Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the L.A. Zine Fest! I know, this has absolutely nothing to do with Hong Kong, but it has everything to do with Like Like Zine, which is designed, published, and partially written in Hong Kong. This year, the theme is animals. Meeeow!

We’re making our State side, West Coast Issue #2 debut in sunny, forever summery Los Angeles. Unfortunately I will not be going. :( I have never been but have been wanting to go for years, and I’m super stoked that we have a booth there, which Vincent James will be managing. So, in a way, I am there in pulp form. As in paper.

Like Like Zine @ LA Zine Fest

I’m on a self-promotional kick right now and have been shouting off the tops of Mt. Facebook and Mt. Instagram. If you will be in attendance, stop by, give Vincent James a high five for me and grab a copy of true blue issue numba two. If ya won’t be going but know some peeps who will be interested, please help spread the word! Spanks a lot.

Until next time,
Yours truly.


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