Tuesday Movie Night: White God (2014)


Back when I was in college, I used to theme my outfits and dinners to whichever movie I happened to be watching that evening. (I was going to post some old pictures but felt the stabbing pain of embarrassment upon finding these photos so, no.) Nonetheless, I found it amusing and entertaining to challenge myself on what to wear and cook, and have thus decided to bring back that segment of my life in hopes to lessen my sadness. Last Tuesday, my friend and I made pizza and watched a movie so henceforth, Tuesdays shall now be dinner-and-a-movie nights. Friend(s) optional.

I’m kickstarting my official TMN (Tuesday Movie Night) with White God (2014), a Hungarian film about shelter dogs, more or less. Watch the trailer below:

My full review wound up being a beast so you can read everything here.
Spoilers ahead!

I’m definitely in the minority for giving White God 2.5 out of 5 stars. (It received 91% on Rotten Tomatoes; 6.9/10 on IMDB). While the movie appears to be a heroic “fuck you hoomans” from a dog’s point-of-view, the point wasn’t driven enough, probably because you aren’t allowed to see the dog’s full-fledged vengeance as you would see in a zombie movie, for example. And the only reason I’m comparing it to a zombie movie is because the scene where the dogs are unleashed and begin to attack humans seems comparable to one, but that would also complicate the relationship between human’s perception of dogs in general. For example, in a zombie flick, it is clear that humans are the heroes and therefore they can mutilate and destroy zombies without any consequence (in the viewers eyes). However, violent dogs won’t further their street cred as many people might have this perception already. Plus they were attacking innocent pedestrians so any added violence would make them the baddies, wouldn’t it? And again, euthanizing dogs for violent behavior is a thing… so yes, complicated.

There was something lacking in the film and I still can’t put my finger on what it is. Perhaps a disconnect from the human side? I was searching for a metaphor or a lesson to be learned. Being an animal lover, I gotta say—Lili didn’t do enough to find her beloved dog. I almost expected Hagen to attack Lili in the end and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did. Maybe it’s just the American in me that’s overly sentimental and loving towards my pets, but Hagen had the shittiest week ever due to his humans’ irresponsibility and in the end is pacified by them. Maybe the humans did learn their lesson? But I didn’t learn anything!

However, if the point was just adopt, don’t shop, then I would say this was entertaining to watch and an interesting perspective. I’ll just let sleeping dogs lie. (Had to throw a dog pun in there somewhere.)

Oh, and kudos to the AMAZING performances by all the dogs in the movie! Apparently they were all untrained shelter dogs that were given to homes after the filming. Usually, live-action animal films involve the animals talking to each other using voice overs or subtitles or something. Having the dogs express themselves through ~acting~ made it all the more touching.

To be honest I would give it 3 stars but I absolutely hated watching the dogfighting part of the movie.

Edit: upon further musings, there could be a cultural misunderstanding. As I’ve noted before, Americans are not new to sentimental animal movies. Perhaps this is something different for Hungarians? If that’s the case, this could be quite groundbreaking. (Though I still stand behind my stars.)

Anyway, can’t get Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 out of my head! Pretty dramatic and great.

And now for the fun stuff—what I wore and ate!

Since I don’t own any dog-themed clothing (I’m a pretty committed cat lady), I decided to wear the whitest things I owned. I learned that I do not own any white bottoms as this goes against my beliefs (there’s nothing grosser to me than dirty white trousers). The closest thing to white pants I had were a pair of denim shorts.

Crop top: H&M
High-waisted shorts: Get Lost Clothing
Socks: Uniqlo
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Wishbone necklace!!!: USC outdoor flea market thing a billion years ago

My goal for dinner was to a) buy as little as possible and b) make something that resembled either dog food or use white-colored ingredients, à la Sophie Calle.

Tbh, I think I succeeded. I made congee cooked in coconut milk, leftover crimini mushrooms, large chunks of garlic, and a dash of fake Sriracha sauce. Added salt to taste. It looks fucking disgusting but it’s quite good, especially because I topped it with chili bamboo after the photo sesh.

I sent a non-edited photo to my sister and she described it as,

“…the shits that [our cat] produced when he was a sick, almost dying kitten with gastrointestinal problems.”

To make up for the gross food pic, here’s what my friend and I made for last week’s movie, Whisper of the Heart—homemade pizzas! The tie in? There is a violin reference in the movie and violins originated in Italy and pizza is Italian, so yeah. (I just made it up on the spot).


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