Drunk boat.

There were more junk boats when we arrived.

September is my favorite month for several reasons:
  1. it is the month of my birth, which in my head, is a public holiday
  2. goodbye summer, hello autumn
  3. Hong Kong finally begins to cool down (though I still find myself dripping with sweat every day from commuting)

The beach is icky and gross during the peak of summer—burning hot sand, hordes of people, zero waves = a warm pool of human soup—so I prefer to go to the beach during the fall, as less people tend to go. This year, I managed to attend my first and possibly last junk boat of the year yesterday and had a surprisingly good time (it was surprising because I have not been in the mood to socialize), but my good friend Alcohol made it easy breezy beautiful (not the smartest move but it helped).

We departed from Sai Kung Pier. The boat took us somewhere about 25 minutes away and docked us near a bunch of other junk boats by a secluded beach. I swam a lot, went to the beach, found a party boat and danced all afternoon, and even went on a free jetski ride. All in all, a good time and my most active junk trip yet. I only took a few pictures towards the end to remind myself of the excursion and to post here. :)

I woke up completely sore all over. I expected my legs to be sore but was surprised that I could barely move my arms, only to remember that I had to pull myself up onto the inflatable mattress and onto the pontoon, which I only did like, three times. I need to do more pushups.

You can read about my last junk trip one year ago, here.


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