Tuesday Movie Night: Somewhere (2010)

“Let’s eat tacos,” Miglepuff suggested when I mentioned our upcoming TMN. I had asked her to choose a movie since I chose the last one, but she seemed more interested in what we’d be making for dinner.

“Tacos it is,” I said, assuming we’d pick a Mexican film to watch. I’d been neglecting my watchlist on Letterboxd for some time now and hoped I had something saved in that category, but alas, I did not. Stubborn and determined to find a movie to match, I decided on something I’d been meaning to watch for awhile, and now for good reason. (C’mon, we have pretty bomb tacos in L.A.)


Again, full review is massive so you can read it here. (I sense this will be a thing.)

Somewhere (2010) is my first conscious Sofia Coppola film.* I had pretty high expectations in terms of aesthetic quality. Since I watched the trailer years ago and could barely remember the synopsis aside from the fact that it was about a father and his daughter, I was pretty open (i.e. zero expectations) when it came to the plot.

Turns out the movie really just was about a father and his daughter, in a beautifully minimal, slice-of-life way. There wasn’t too much dialog but rather a focus on the main characters’ expressions. The gratuitous stillness between conversations played a huge part as well. Silence tends to get overlooked in movies because usually, there is only enough time to tell the story using words and action.


As a native to suburban Los Angeles, I must point out that this film is so L.A.—the best parts of it. Los Angeles can be described as an endless summer vacation: the weather is usually pleasant and mild year-round, and there’s always time to chill. Even though I cannot relate to Johnny’s lifestyle, I can relate to his idleness and displacement in this slow-paced and superficial city.


The colors within the film were so reminiscent of L.A. and made me extremely nostalgic, even more than the locations. The idleness contributed to the summer vibes… That in itself made it (pleasantly) emotional to watch.


I’m trying to find words to describe how true to life this movie is but it’s difficult because it just evokes feelings that are hard to put into words. I will say this: sometimes, nothing happens. And gradually, suddenly, something moves you and everything changes. That’s the overarching pattern of living, and I believe Somewhere captured that—the sights, sounds, and feels of it all.

4 out of 5 stars.

*I watched Lost in Translation as a naive teen and wasn’t paying attention so it didn’t click, at all. That’s something I need to rewatch, btw.

I did a quick search on Pinterest and the L.A. “look” of today mostly consists of loose tops and skinny jeans, paired with boots or flats. Since it’s still hot in HK, I refuse to wear anything that covers my legs.

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Cotton On
Socks: Uniqlo
Shoes: Vans
Pin: Good
Bag: The Last Bookstore

For this look, the accessories are key. Peep the L.A. area code 310 pin and the totebag from one of DTLA’s best bookstores, which I nabbed on my last trip.

Unfortunately we could not find taco shells, so we made burritos with taco ingredients. Whatever, still good.


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