Tuesday Movie Night: West Beirut (1998)


Really glad I stumbled upon this movie. I possess very little knowledge when it comes to Middle Eastern countries and cultures, so Miglepuff’s desire to make Lebanese food prompted a Google search for top Lebanese films to watch. West Beirut was number one on IMDB’s list and ranked highly on others. I’m usually hesitant when it comes to war movies because I tend to prefer things of a calmer nature. (Not something I’m proud of, but I have a faint heart.)

(I couldn’t find a version with English subtitles but I think you get the gist here.)

Full review.

4.5 out of 5 stars! I fully enjoyed this! The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the lack of aesthetics that I gravitate towards. Other than that, I enjoyed the clever and funny dialogue, how the movie handled such a sensitive subject such as war, and the characters themselves. At first I disliked Omar because he just seemed like any loud-mouthed and rude teenaged boy, but he quickly grew on me as you realize he’s a soft-hearted person on the inside. Plus he dressed well. I loved Tarek’s parents relationship with each other and especially Tarek’s relationship with his father. When the father is first introduced in the movie, he appears to be stern, but immediately jumps into an invisible sword fight with Tarek. That’s one of my favorite scenes.

The whole situation with the brothel was endearing too. Oum Walid tells one of the women to get Tarek a glass of milk and he protests with, “No! I’ll have a coffee,” looking extremely proud of himself. And I loved how, in a place where it seems like women are treated secondary, the biggest and scariest mob boss was a large and mouthy woman, but completely charming, in her own way.

I could go on, but I won’t! The movie is available to watch on youtube. Just type in “West Beirut” and there are severable options.


Upon further musing, this movie is completely relevant, considering Lebanon is right next to Syria and Syria is making the news these days. There was an honest scene during the parents argument, where the father states that he doesn’t want to leave Beirut because he doesn’t want to be a refugee. He lists all the derogatory terms Middle Eastern people are called in various countries. Perhaps this film is worth the watch, given the current refugee crisis.

Outfit concept was simple: dress like a teen boy from the mid-70s. Think I did ok.


Shirt: Salvation Army in Pasadena (quite prob one of my favorite finds)
Pants: Uniqlo
Socks: “Vans” via Taobao
Shoes: Vans
Pin: Whimsic Alley

War doctor

I wore my War Doctor pin since this movie dealt with war.

10.06.15 Lebanese food

Dinner!!! I’m growing hungry from looking at the photo. My friend made the pita bread from scratch! Everything was SO GOOD. We made hummus, tabouleh, tzatziki, and falafel. Ok, Miglepuff made everything. I just seasoned the tabouleh, but she said it tasted great considering we were missing several key ingredients.


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