Portfolio update: video titles

I recently had the good fortune of helping out a few friends with video titles, which is something I’ve gained interest in and would love to expand in my portfolio. (Hrm, should have paid more attention in my After Effects class, but I’m guessing a lot has changed since then so I shouldn’t feel too bad).


The first was for my friend Mag, who runs Hong Kong’s one and only fixed gear bike group for young women. HKFGG documented their latest trip to Japan and it’s pretty rad. I want to design the titles for all of their videos!



The second is for my colleague Ian who directed, choreographed, and starred in his music video submission for Alabama Shakes’ “Gimme All Your Love.” Most of the video was shot in Hong Kong, and Ian flew to Chicago for a few days just to finish filming in time for the competition. You can watch this one here.

I contributed to a small part in both but can’t wait to work on more projects like these in the (near) future.

Spent the day at home working on my portfolio, attempting to write a new song, and playing lots of Sims Freeplay on my phone. My idea of a perfect Sunday. <3


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