Beach Cleanup + Back to the Future Day

Last Saturday, my friend invited me to beach cleanup. I’d never attended one before, and despite my hatred for cleaning anything, I said yes because I’d have felt like the biggest jerk ever for saying no. Time to put my selfish ways aside for one day and give back to nature!

The beach was a 30 minute walk from the Kennedy Town MTR station and was located right next to one of Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department offices. As we were walking to the beach, the stench of garbage and toxic waste permeated the air. The climb down to the beach was steep, and once we arrived, we were greeted with rocky shores and mountains of garbage.

The trash was endless. In fact, the entire beach was made up of it. It would take weeks to clean up the entire beach; we’d need the help of bulldozers to really clear up the mess. And considering how people continue to treat the ocean like nature’s toilet, no amount of weekly/daily cleaning would suffice as garbage would continually wash ashore.

Beach Cleanup 10.24.15I found parts of a dog’s jawbone, and someone had picked up a credit card that expired in 1984.

At one point we had to stop cleaning and prepare for the big dump. The original plan was to drop the bags onto the main street—which would require us to construct a human chain and position ourselves within the tedious and steep mountain hike—or, ya know, just drop the garbage over the fence at the EPD. Considering this was the Environmental Protection Department, you’d think they would easily cooperate. But… this is Hong Kong, where the chain of command is more important than common sense. Within three minutes of our human chain, one of the workers spotted us and called their supervisor. Our team spent half an hour explaining what we were doing. After a long wait, the EPD finally agreed to let us leave our trash there so we quickly finished up our business and my friend and I hightailed it out of there as soon as we were done.

Beach Cleanup 10.24.15Ta da. We had bags upon bags filled with plastic bottles and styrofoam.

After that, we treated ourselves to a brief marathon of Doctor Who Season 9 and ice cream. Well deserved, I say!

Earlier this week, HK celebrated Chung Yeung Festival (it’s where you’re supposed to hike up a mountain to pay respect to your ancestors, I think), but October 21, 2015 is more widely known as Back to the Future Day, as it is the day that Marty and Doc Brown time-travel to in Back to the Future Part 2. We got the day off so I spent it watching BTTF parts 1 and 2 with one of my friends.

We were a little late but we made it! #backtothefutureWe were a few hours late but we made it!

Anddd here’s a relevant picture of a Delorean, taken nearly a month ago at the Hong Kong Classic Car Show.


Coming up next:

Halloween is right around the corner! In addition to selecting my horror flick of the year, my band JEAMES will be performing at my bandmate’s company party. Exciting times ahead!


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