LA LA love you.

The blogging phase kinda came and went. As much as I enjoyed compulsively watching movies and dressing/eating for the occasion, it started to become a burden. Plus, stuff happened. Mostly mental health stuff, so I needed to just do me. Which was sleep, mostly.

And now I’m back in sunny Alhambra, California for the time being. I’ve moved my annual home trip up a week because I will be in a wedding this weekend. For the first time in three years, it truly feels great to be back. I feel this every year, but the feeling is greater this year.

So far I’ve just seen a few friends and hung out with family. Some pictures from the past few days:

First meal in in LA.First meal in LA with the fam.

Grandma's house.Grandma’s house.

Lunch in SD.Lunch in Solana Beach.

Rooftop hangs#RooftopHangs with Vincent James.

Lunch with sisA PHOnomenal lunch with the seestar.

Wild butterfreeA level 3 butterfree landed on my finger.

Dinner with sae.Umami Burger with Sage.

Now I’m going to hang out with my friend Manny and will be attending my first comedy show in like 4 years tonight in DTLA.

Los Angeles, I love you.


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