See you LAter.

Last night in Los Angeles. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions these past few weeks. The good news is, I’m finally looking forward to Hong Kong. It feels nice to have a life to come back to. I’ve been in holiday mode here and while I’m definitely experiencing lots of things, going on vacation really is putting one’s life on hold.


A good friend of mine turned me towards this article called, “Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think.” It’s a long but digestible read, and it’s filled my head with new goals to achieve for the coming year. (I don’t do new year’s resolutions. They’re too absolute and restrictive. Goals let you breathe.)

While I’m proud that my Authentic Voice—i.e. my intuition—is quite strong and in tact, it does fall short in certain areas of my life. I’m pretty good at making decisions when it comes to where I want to live or who I choose to be friends with, but I struggle with, um, dating. I constantly ask myself, if peoples’ opinions didn’t matter, would I even bother to put myself out there? The answer is: nah.

That’s the whole point of the article: peoples’ opinions don’t matter. In a time and age where one’s dating life is constantly under scrutiny, it’s hard for me to ignore the comments and opinions on my condemnable singleness. Well, the goal now is to do just that. This will be cumbersome to achieve as I’ve been idealizing romantic love since childhood, but old habits can die. And I will crush them.

Things to look forward to in January:
  • Camping on New Year’s Day!
  • Short Taiwan trip
  • Sister visiting HK for the first time

I’m going down a bumpy path right now so finding the positives in life—which include surrounding myself with positive people—is always helpful.


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