HK Camping Girls

Counting down to the new year has never been my thing. As a kid, we’d watch the countdown on TV with the family, which I found more tedious than enjoyable. The only time I was ever concerned about a new year’s countdown was when the year changed from 1999 to 2000: I stared anxiously at my computer’s clock with baited breath, only to be met with relief, followed by disappointment. 

New Year’s Eve got better when I entered my 20s and started spending it with friends. Drunkenly screaming “Happy New Year’s!” while embracing each other does make one feel warm and fuzzy. New Year’s Eve became the actual holiday, and New Year’s Day was just a hangover waiting to happen. 

This year was different. Not only was it my first New Year’s in Hong Kong, my friend also invited me to go camping with her bike crew, Fixielicious. (I helped them with this video.) 

Our camping spot was at Long Ke Beach, a 4 hour walk or 30 minute taxi ride—guess which route we chose—from Sai Kung’ bus terminus.

Approaching Long Ke Beach.

HKFGG represent.

These ladies are serious about their camping gear. I slept in the cutest and comfiest tent and was surrounded by adorable mugs.


Food was an important part of this trip too. We had yummy snacks, amazing hot pot for dinner, and a full English breakfast the next morning. Not to mention the fine coffee.

Toasted bread filled with corn, tuna, and mayo.

Tom yum soup.

Hot pot for dinner!

Full English brekkie.

Since there were no fire pits at the site, the gang built a fire on the ground, which I thought was so badass.

This fire is fire.

We were surrounded by cheerful chatter and a night sky studded with stars. It felt wonderful to be in nature again. Peeing in the sand with the waves crashing in the background really grounds you.

Our trip was such a success that we’ve already planned a future outing with some friends from the office. Let 2016 be the year of camping!


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